Watch This Ford Mustang Completely Wipe Out During a Dangerous Street Race

The American muscle car appeared to be racing a Mercedes-AMG A45 on a busy South Korean street when he lost control.

byChris Tsui|
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It appears that destroying Ford Mustangs in illegal and ill-advised street races isn't strictly an American pastime. As we can see in this video from a street race gone wrong in South Korea, this kind of nonsense behavior is a global phenomenon. 

Brought to our attention on Reddit, onboard video of a Mustang driver dangerously racing what appears to be a Mercedes-AMG A45 on a busy Seoul street in broad daylight shows what happens when common sense goes out the window. However, this particular piece of footage and the story behind it makes it even more mind-blowing, and not in a good way.

After reaching speeds of up to 110 miles per hour, running four red lights, getting perilously close to a crossing pedestrian, and a brief venture into the oncoming lane, this brazen Dom Toretto wannabe loses control of his steed and violently hops the curb, smashing the muscle car into a tree and parked motorcycle, completely knocking down the former.

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Despite the exotic-sounding surname in my byline, no, I am not Korean and no, I do not know what the dudes in the video are saying. But, a number of Redditors that apparently do understand the language say the onboard audio paints an even more incriminating picture than the visuals alone.

According to the comments, the 24-year-old driver of the Mustang said the entire stunt was "a bet with his friend" and that he will "run all red lights at the start and won't care if he crashes." One Redditor points out the sound of the driver trying to start the car after the collision and drive away, while another commented the following translation: "We gotta run. His friend can’t find his shoe lol and he's like dude we gotta go now."

How do you say "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" in Korean?

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