Bystanders Fight Back After Ford Mustang Plows Into Them

The driver tried to run, but the crowd wasn’t having it.

byJustin Hughes| UPDATED Aug 21, 2017 2:06 PM
Bystanders Fight Back After Ford Mustang Plows Into Them

We've heard it all before. Whether leaving Cars & Coffee, stopping in at a cake shop, or checking out the latest Lamborghinis, Ford Mustangs have a way of getting out of control of their owners. This latest incident of a Mustang barreling into a crowd in Bellflower, California, will likely surprise no one. But when the driver tried to flee the scene, the crowd went wild.

This appears to be a case of innocent hooliganism gone wrong. The Instagram video begins with a white Mustang and a black Dodge pickup doing donuts in a parking lot, surrounded by a fairly large crowd. Rather than a wild tail slide, the Mustang seems to go into terminal understeer, accelerating straight into the crowd despite its front wheels being fully turned left.

But rather than stay and face the music, the Mustang backs up and attempts to leave. This proves to be difficult, not only because traffic on the road leading out of the parking lot is at a standstill, but also because the crowd has no tolerance for the hit-and-run driver. They surround the car, hitting it and climbing on top of it, while the driver revs the engine and continues his attempts to leave.

The crowd, including the people by the car, was gone by the time police arrived. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department told NBC4 that they are examining video of the incident to "prosecute those involved." It is unclear whether they are investigating those who appeared to be damaging the car as well as the driver of the Mustang. No license plate seems to be visible through the crowd of people in these videos.

Strong language and potentially disturbing images of the car going into the crowd follow.