Ford Mustang Driver Doing Donuts in an Empty Parking Lot Ends Exactly How You’d Expect

Please, we beg of you: Don’t be that guy.

byStef Schrader|
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Despite the fact that there are fewer car events this year, Ford Mustang owners keep finding ways to justify their bad reputation. Even when an actual Mustang-owning adult is there with a camera, some Mustang drivers just don't get it. 

"This is why Mustangs get a bad rep," wrote Brandon Calderon, who sounds like a responsible Mustang owner. (Those do exist regardless of what the internet has to say.) "Went out to one of my fav parking garages for rollers and pictures last night with my girl when all of the sudden a dude with a 5.0 shows up and starts doing donuts."

Calderon kept his camera rolling while the other Mustang spun around, and you can probably guess what happened next.

As we can see, the spinning Mustang that joins Calderon on the empty roof still has a vast empty space to himself. No traffic. There's another car way off in the distance, but he's chosen a patch of pavement with no parked cars. It's just the wide-open roof of a parking garage next to an apartment building and some other towers smack-dab in the middle of civilization. (As a classic "that guy" tends to do.)

Despite having all that space, there's one thing our interpid hoon didn't seem to account for: light poles. The orange Mustang driver just couldn't turn in time when he went to switch directions. 

I daresay a few bits of that V8 up front are in pretty rough shape now.

Facebook | Brandon Calderon

Look, crashy Mustang drivers, you've got to stop feeding this stereotype. Fellow owners even call you out. We care. You're going to keep hurting yourself, your cars and others with this kind of crap. Find a safe, appropriate place to rip hella sweet donuts and kick the tail out if you must. Skid pads. Drift events. Places that give you permission (and encouragement!) to hoon and are far away from light poles and unsuspecting bystanders. Don't do it in public, on shared roads and parking lots. Stop ruining car meets. Maybe someday you can let Hellcats take your place in the memes of shame. 

We all keep screaming this into the void. Please listen, Mustang drivers. Please! 

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