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Moron In Mustang Doing 208 MPH Arrested in Oklahoma

Are those speeds even possible on public roads?

Oklahoma police arrested a 19-year-old driver after clocking his Ford Mustang at speeds exceeding 200 mph, according to Oklahoma City Press.

Hector Fraire was captured by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol with help from Canadian County Sheriffs after he was clocked passing troopers at 84 mph in his 2011 Ford Mustang. After initial attempts to pull Fraire over failed, police claim the teen was able to push his pony car up to an incomprehensible 208 mph.

“200 miles an hour … That is extremely fast,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Paul Timmons told a local TV station. The captain explained that he believes Fraire foolishly and purposely shut his car’s lights off in an attempt to lose the pursuing troopers.

After exiting one highway, he was spotted by a local sheriff’s deputy. “It just so happened to be a Canadian County deputy sitting close to the area,” Timmons said. That officer successfully pulled him over and arrested him for reckless driving and attempting to elude police.

208 mph in any car is ridiculous, but in a Mustang? That’s sounds nearly impossible. If that speed is accurate, we’d guess this car had some serious work done to it. It’s worth mentioning that a 2011 5.0 had a speed limiter of 146 mph, not that it would be terribly hard to remove.

We were able to find an Instagram profile that appears to belong to Fraire with the handle “fraire_slow5.0h,” which leads us to guess that the Mustang in question is indeed a 5.0. Still, 200 mph on any kind of public road isn’t just unthinkable, it’s downright dangerous.