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BMW Z4 Owner Caught Doing 139 MPH in a 70 Zone, Asks Cop to Give Him a Break

The New Jersey native was busted by the Maine State Police for doing 69 over the limit.

We at The Drive will be the first to admit we love to go fast, but there is a time and place for everything—and going nearly 140 miles per hour on Interstate 95 in Sidney, Maine does not fit the bill. Unfortunately, 64-year-old Sang Yook of New Jersey didn’t get the memo; he was clocked by Maine State Troopers going 139 mph, according to police. 

Trooper Gregory Tirado clocked Yook speeding while flying a speed enforcement plane above the road, according to a Maine State Police Facebook post, and relayed the information to Trooper Adam Kelley, who was waiting up ahead. Trooper Kelley reportedly observed Yook slam on the brakes when he saw the cop car, but the deed was already done. Trooper Kelley flipped on the blues and pulled the 2014 BMW Z4 over. 

Yook committed his second foolish act of the day by exiting his vehicle and pleading with the trooper to cut him a break. Yook reportedly told the trooper another car was “right on his tail” and that he accelerated to get out of the way. He then reportedly stated he normally doesn’t speed (all right, buddy). 

Yook refused to comply with commands to get back into his vehicle, and was arrested for criminal speeding, according to police. The speed demon was unable to post bail and spent 48 hours in jail before paying a $300 fine. 

Listen, if he had been ripping around Monticello or any other racetrack, we would give Yook a nice pat on the back. But traveling 69 mph faster than the posted 70 mph speed limit is reckless and foolish.