Cops Nab Ford Mustangs for Bay Bridge Sideshow Donuts

Other drivers taped the vehicular madness and called in the highway patrol.

byAaron Brown|
Ford News photo


These West Coast muscle car drivers could use a few pointers about being courteous on the roadway. Two Ford Mustang drivers face police action after being caught driving erratically and jamming up traffic in order to do donuts and burnouts on San Francisco's Bay Bridge. This the type of stuff that needs to stay in Grand Theft Auto, folks.

A black Ford Mustang, a white Mustang, and a black Chevy Camaro were reported to police for driving recklessly through traffic at speeds of 80 to 90 mph around 3:30 p.m. Monday on Interstate 80 in the San Francisco area. Once the crew made it onto the Bay Bridge, they stopped traffic and began doing burnouts and donuts in the middle of the congested roadway, KNTV NBC reports.

While all this madness was going down, some motorists took the time to capture the reckless antics on video and notify the police. This gave officers with the California Highway Patrol a chance to set up a roadblock further down the road in an effort to catch the perps. The cops were then able to pull over both Mustangs; one driver was issued a citation, while the other driver was arrested and his car impounded.

The Bay Bridge is no stranger to tire-shredding sideshows. In two separate incidents earlier this year, Pontiac GTOs were spotted burning rubber on the bridge after their compatriots blocked off traffic. Combine all these sideshows with the CHP's recent low-speed pursuit of a rogue Chihuahua on the span, and it starts to seem as though San Francisco's biggest bridge is becoming a magnet for bad drivers and bad dogs alike.

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