Ford’s Power Pack for the Mustang GT and a New App for First Responders: The Evening Rush

Plus, light rope that actually works and 20b medicine balls from Rogue Fitness.

byMax Goldberg|
Ford’s Power Pack for the Mustang GT and a New App for First Responders: The Evening Rush


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Ford is now offering several “power packs” that allow owners to get their Mustang GTs a little closer to the insane power levels found in the GT350. The first pack is a modest K&N cold air intake while subsequent power packs include the GT350 intake and a throttle body spacer.

Mercedes-Benz has released an app for firefighters called Rescue Assist. Using a form of virtual reality, the app allows first responders determine how to extricate a patient without electrocuting themselves or causing further damage.

So people dropped a Corvette V8 into the beloved Mazda MX-5 Miata. Is this completely unnecessary? Is it one of the coolest engine swaps I've ever heard of? For sure.


Rope lights are pretty sweet if you are a freshman in college or some kid at a fancy summer camp. But few rope lights actually illuminate an area well, except the Luminoodle Light Rope by Power Practical. Producing 180 lumens of light, the Luminoodle is a perfect alternative to a flashlight at the campsite.


Timex Watches has come out with a collection of affordable watches called the university collection that are modeled after old school collegiate lettering. Very crisp and just $45.


Today’s beer pick takes us to 4 Hands Brewing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a fairly large craft brewery with 20,000 square feet of brew space and a comprehensive barrel aging area. If you are able to visit, we recommend the Incarnation IPA.

Medicine balls are easy to use and pay real dividends. Rogue Fitness currently has their 20lb medballs on sale for 15% off.

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