Spy Shots of the Honda Civic Si and the Waldorf Astoria’s New Lamborghinis: The Evening Rush

Plus, a frigid Yeti Hopper 12 cooler and Ball & Buck shorts.

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Spy shots of the new Honda Civic Coupe Si show some obvious aerodynamic improvements around the front fascia and a nice, sporty center exhaust. However, the Civic typically offers plenty of room for personal modifications: think of the Si as a staring point.

Uber could start responding to 911 calls in the D.C. area. Although nurses will help 911 Dispatchers “triage” the calls, the idea seems suspect. Uber drivers are not medical professions are unable to care for the patient and drive simultaneously.

If you plan on staying at select Waldorf Astoria hotels in the near future, be sure to get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 or Huracan Spyder with the Waldorf Astoria Driving Experience. Each drive will be approximately 30 minutes and guests will be accompanied by a “driving professional.”


The new Yeti Hopper 12 cooler is a cold-retention master. Easily keeping ice frozen for over 24 hours and capable of withstanding a serious beating, the Hopper 12 is well worth the $279.99 price tag.


You can now wear a subwoofer. The Basslet mimics the same feeling you get when the ‘woofer in your car plays your favorite song. Coupling this device with your headphones yields a whole new kind of audio experience.


Today’s beer pick takes us to Right Proper Brewing Company in Washington D.C. Brewing in two small locations throughout the city, this craft brewery is about getting to know the local beer lovers and to provide them with well-balanced beers. If you find yourself in the D.C. area, we recommend you try some Bringing In The Sheaves.

There are rare occasions you should pay more than $70 for shorts. The Ball & Buck 6 Point Duck Cotton shorts are extremely durable and the caramel color will darken rather than stain as you put them through their paces.

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