Spotted: Audi SQ2 Spy Shots and GMC Introduces Child-Saving Tech: The Evening Rush

Plus, a great summer camping resource and beer from Columbus Brewing Company.

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GMC wants to help remind parents that their child is still buckled up in the rear seat on a hot day. To do so, the display on the GMC Acadia will alert the driver if it senses a still-buckled belt.

Spy shots of the new Audi SQ2 have leaked. With a blacked out grille and wheels, the sporty crossover definitely looks mean. According to reports, the SQ2 will most likely use the same 2.0L four-cylinder found in the S3.

Dubai cops laid down the law and impounded 81 cars for illegal street racing. The owners of each car will have 90 days to pay $27,000 in fines to save their car from being auctioned off. In addition, the driver of the car in question will receive a $13,500 personal fine.


Anyone with even a passing interaction with digital files needs USBs. Buy a pack of Gig 2 Gos and never be left without a storage option. Each Gig 2 Go pack comes with four flash drives, each with either 8GB or 16GB.

Gigs 2 Go

Looking for a toolbox that you can also display as art? Check out this ebony stained Tropical Walnut Toolbox by Uncrate X Poritz & Studio and drastically up your handyman game.


Today’s beer pick takes us to Columbus Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1988, Columbus Brewing Co has done a fantastic job of cranking out award-winning beers. If you can get your hands on Columbus Bodhi DIPA, do so.

Finding the right campsite can be a huge ordeal, especially when it’s a ways from civilization. Fortunately has done a fantastic job of compiling campground information from thousands of fellow enthusiasts.

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