Watch Cops Chase a Chihuahua Across the Bay Bridge

Seriously, it’ll be the best moment of your day.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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The California Highway Patrol was forced to shut down San Francisco's Bay Bridge on the morning of April 3 for what must have been one of the slowest pursuits in the force's history—chasing down a rogue chihuahua. The CHP did not mention which officer made the collar.

The CHP was able to catch the pup without incident, though not before capturing the spectacle on video and uploading it to their Twitter account. It's not known how the dog wound up on the bridge in the first place.

"It took a while [to catch the dog]," CHP officer Vu Williams told San Francisco's ABC 7 News

told San Francisco's ABC 7 News. "I mean he was fast, he was running. We set up several road blocks, but he just ran right around them. Eventually, we were able to box him in."

The dog has been transferred to Animal Care & Control San Francisco, where he was given the name Ponch. (For those of you under the age of 40, "Ponch" was the name of Erik Estrada's character on CHiPs. I had to look it up.)

The CHP and the animal rescue organization are seeking to reunite the wayward chihuahua with his owner; anyone with knowledge of the dog's proper caretaker should call (415) 554-6364.

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