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This McLaren P1 Bottle Cap Challenge Viral Video Is as Fake as It Gets

Social media is being flooded with various versions of this meme challenge, but we regret to inform you that this one isn't real.

In case you somehow missed it over the holiday weekend, videos of people kicking, drifting and even singing the caps off of bottles have been slowly taking over the Internet since Hollywood badass Jason Statham started it. It’s called the Bottle Cap Challenge, but sorry—as with any good Internet phenomenon, not all of these wild videos are real.

The New York Times wrote up this latest internet sensation, which is always a sign that a meme is not long for this world. But sadly, they were one of many who got duped by a render of a McLaren P1 uncorking a suspiciously color-coordinated champagne bottle of Dom Perignon. Here’s what it published:

Other attempts were more creative. One musician played a ditty on his violin and then used his bow to uncap a bottle. A car enthusiast apparently used the spoiler of his purple sports car to uncork a bottle of Dom Pérignon, and Steel Lafferty, a professional wakeboarder, used his expertise to uncap a bottle while zipping around Orlando, Fla.

The purple sports car they reference was made by none other than Iskander Utebayev, a master of fanciful renders who goes by bat.not.bad on Instagram. Utebayev is known for making often realistic renders of crazy ideas like this, usually around supercars and future-tech versions of other luxury goods. Personally, I want to live in his version of the future where you can change the color of your Lamborghini with a few touches of a car key:

While Utebayev’s Bottle Cap Challenge is pretty convincing work, for the most part, a few things give away that it’s a render. For one, there are no skid marks on the ground, and the label on the bottle of Dom doesn’t move with the rest of the bottle. It also takes considerably longer for a McLaren P1 to deploy its spoiler than it does in the video, even if you manually deploy it in Race Mode. 

Mind you, this video is of a spoiler deploying in real time and it takes longer than the Instagram video does, and the Instagram purports to do it in slow-motion. 

So, sorry to be the bearer of bad news in case you missed the couple tells that you’ve been had by a clever render. Fortunately, it’s not the only rad automotive version of this challenge out there, and most of the others are real! 

Here’s a BMW drifting it off

Head Instructor for BMW Driving Experience Claudia Hürtgen also got in on the action with an M4 Coupé

As did an older BMW: 

Off-road racer BJ Baldwin may have my favorite take of them all by blasting the cap off with his race truck:

Lastly, we can’t leave off the original, The Transporter Jason Statham kicking it off: