Pontiac GTO-Driving Sideshow Idiots Shut Down Bay Bridge…Again

It’s the second time this year. But is it the second GTO?

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Pontiac GTO-Driving Sideshow Idiots Shut Down Bay Bridge…Again

A late-model Pontiac GTO and a bunch of other cars illegally shut down San Francisco's Bay Bridge on April 10 to conduct a little sideshow. While a crew of around 50 cars clogged the eastbound lanes of the massive span, the black, fourth-gen GTO whipped off some donuts in the middle of the road, ensuring the car and its owner would receive their 15 minutes of social media fame.

Here's the weird thing, though: This isn't the first time this year that some rowdy hoonigans have shut down the Bay Bridge in order to burn some rubber...it's not even the first time this year that a late-model GTO has been the culprit. Back in late February, a light-colored, late-model Pontiac GTO started doing burnouts and sliding around in the middle of the massive bridge while other cars held back traffic.

The owner of the Instagram account Bay Area Movement, which posted the recent video, also noticed the similarity, suggesting that it might be the same GTO that was spotted hooning it up two months ago. If so, well, it might well be two-strikes-and-you're-out for that reckless Goat-owner. According to KPIX 5 News, the California Highway Patrol caught a glimpse of the license plate of one of the vehicles involved, so the long arm of the law might have a grip on these goons soon enough.

For what it's worth, The Drive thinks the CHP ought to throw the book at these clowns, as they give the rest of us (mostly) law-abiding burnout-enthusiasts a bad name. Besides, what if there had been another dog trying to race across the bridge at the time?