New GTA Online Update Includes Racing and Stunt Driving

Y’know, in case you somehow get sick of stealing cars.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Jul 12, 2016 7:45 PM
New GTA Online Update Includes Racing and Stunt Driving

If you consider yourself one of those people who obsess over all those glorious cars populating Grand Theft Auto, prepare yourself for some. Rockstar's "Cunning Stunts", a new GTA Online update, will allow gamers to bring their love for cars, racing, and stunt driving into the virtual world of crime and mayhem.

Cunning Stunts, the latest update for the open-world multiplayer game GTA Online, will give users the option to race on 16 different courses. Some of the tracks are designed around the skyscrapers of the city of Los Santos; others race through the game's desert or around water. Tracks will have jumps, loops, and all sorts of different stunts objects to make online competition more dramatic.

Along with the new racing modes and tracks, GTA Online is also scoring 13 new vehicles. Of note, from the press pics, it looks like there will be some replicas of real-world favorites like the Audi Ur-Quattro and the Lancia Stratos. We call that a damn good call, Rockstar.

In addition, GTA Online will soon be adding a Stunt Race Creator game mode, which will allow users to make their own race courses using everything from elevated tracks to half-pipes. As a bonus, track designers will be able to strategically place unusual props—for example, giant soccer balls and bowling pins—on the courses to add an extra (and extra fun) layer of messiness. The course designer goes live on August 2nd.

If you don't care for the online racing but you still feel your character needs to advertise his or her love for motorsports, GTA Online's in-game stores will now be selling racing-inspired clothing so you can make your avatar "look the part." 50 new tattoos have been added to the game as well, enabling your character to make the same mistakes you did back in high school.

The Cunning Stunts upgrade can be accessed on PS4, Xbox, and PC starting today