Grand Theft Auto V: Executives and Other Criminals

More wheeled mayhem from Rockstar Games.

byZach Bowman|
Grand Theft Auto V: Executives and Other Criminals

We’re rapidly approaching that beautiful lull in corporate productivity that is the end of the year. Rockstar Games has given the world the excuse it needs to blow the rest of its PTO before the clock strikes 2016. Behold the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V’s latest update: Executives and Other Criminals.

The skinny? You can become a crime boss. Build your organization. Hire and fire other players to be your bodyguards and execute your schemes. Customize your virtual luxury apartment or house in the Vinewood Hills, savor a raft of new cars, vehicles and weapons. Staff your massive luxury yacht, and then go head to head in sprawling street wars with other budding bosses from the GTA Online community.

Rather play as a low-level goon? Sign on with a VIP and earn a weekly paycheck for protection. Rockstar has tweaked Freemode events just enough to keep them interesting, including a new extraction mode that lets bodyguards seek out and protect their executive while opposing forces move in.

Rockstar Games

It all sounds like a better way to spend your time than facing down that hellscape of spreadsheets you’ve been putting off. Executives and Other Criminals is available as a free update today on PS4, Xbox One or PC. Stuck at work? Check out the teaser video here, including footage of the newest wheeled nightmare, the turreted limo. Yes, that’s a limo with a chaingun on the roof. Happy holidays indeed.