Ford Mustang Driver Crashes Into Bar Ironically Called ‘The Darkhorse Tavern’

The Mustang suddenly veered off the road, ultimately plowing down a parking meter before crushing into the bar.

byJames Gilboy|
Ford Mustang Driver Crashes Into Bar Ironically Called ‘The Darkhorse Tavern’

The driver of a black Ford Mustang lost control of her vehicle and crashed through the front door of a bar that's ironically named "The Darkhorse Tavern" in Houston, Texas this weekend. The driver had to be taken to the hospital and the restaurant suffered structural damage. No major injuries were reported and the driver is expected to be okay.

According to ABC 13, a woman was driving a black Ford Mustang down Washington Avenue when she lost control of her vehicle, ultimately veering off the road and plowing down a parking meter before crushing through the facade of the bar. There was a table of four at Darkhorse Tavern near the point of impact, but no diners were injured.

Patrons of the bar noted that the driver of the Mustang was unconscious, and an extraction effort was reportedly led by an Iraq veteran, who busted out a window using a hammer lent to him by the bar's manager. The driver was loaded into an ambulance and driven to the hospital where she is expected to make a recovery. It's unknown what caused the driver to lose control of her Mustang, but Police stated that they would test for alcohol in her system, though they are uncertain how fast she was traveling prior to impact.

An engineer will reportedly need to examine the brick-walled building for significant structural damage before the bar can reopen.

Because of their mixture of popularity, accessibility, and performance, Mustangs have adopted a reputation for showcasing poor driving. Earlier in November, onboard footage from a Korean street race starring a Mustang captured its dramatic spin into a tree, and footage of an even more catastrophic street race stateside—also involving a Mustang—surfaced in October.

Is it the Mustang's fault, or Ford's fault that people keep crashing its cars? It's neither: Boneheadedness affects all people equally.

The Drive contacted Ford for clarification on whether the Mustang's computer will log the car's speed before the crash, and we will update when we hear back.