Watch Nakai Build 3 RWB Porsches In 6 Days

Rauh-Welt Begriff reveals its trio of wide body Porsche 911s in Dubai

byDanny Choy|
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The RWB family grows every year and for 2017, one of Nakai-san's first major builds took him to the United Arab Emirates, where he completed not just one, but three RWB Porsches back to back. Nakai has never built three cars at the same time before, but bringing his passion to Dubai is hard to refuse, especially since Nakai was asked to build the trio at the unbelievable paddocks of the Dubai Autodrome. Check out the build via Crank And Piston's YouTube channel below:

Most people reading this story are more than familiar with the work involved for Nakai to complete an RWB. Allocating just two days for each Porsche, Nakai would work for six consecutive days without pause to bring the three RWB Emirates Porsches to life. According to Nakai, it would have taken him four days to build one car five years ago. Two years ago, it would have taken him three days. Nakai's progress as a builder over the years truly demonstrates that even a master can never be done mastering his craft. In comparison, it took my friend and I almost a month of massaging to get the wide body kit on my 350Z to fit, but that's a story for another day.

The first RWB Emirates car is Abdulla Al Awadi's blue 993, followed by Marwan Khoory's green 964 and Sheikh Khalifa Al Thani's white 993 RWB Qatar No. 1. The three cars mostly followed a similar build style, a more track focused approach featuring KW coilovers rather than the air suspension setups that we've seen in recent builds. What's more, Nakai was also able to immediately take the newly RWB'd Porsches out for testing at the Dubai Autodrome. We could only imagine how special it must be to witness the moment the three cars celebrated its transformation with a lap around the world-class circuit.

There's no doubt what Nakai-san was able to achieve in six days was extraordinary. Still, from a final execution standpoint, only the green 964 looks truly unique with its 930 configuration bumper and '74 RSR-style rear fenders. On the other hand, the matching body kits and Fifteen52's Magnus Walker Outlaw 001 wheels on the 993 RWB Emirates No. 1 and Qatar No. 1 are too cookie-cutter for my liking. 

According to Speedhunters editor Dino Dalle Carbonare, there is a future fourth RWB in Dubai that is already waiting in the wings: a special 930 Porsche 911 Turbo in pristine condition, imported from Japan. You don't need to be a Porschephile to have an idea how much a completely original air-cooled Porsche Turbo costs. With that said, would you be willing to let Nakai chop and rivet over fenders over a classic 930 Turbo? Let us know in the comment section below.

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