Are RWB Porsches Actually Still Good Sports Cars?

All-show-no-go, or still a proper handling Porsche?

There are many Porsche fanatics that are nonplussed with what Nakai San and his Rauh-Welt Begriff company does to their beloved aircooled Porsche models. While his work is largely aesthetic, Akira Nakai also works to set the car up with a properly driveable suspension setting, both from a ride height and a bump/rebound perspective. It would seem, in the case of Jon Sibal’s 964 RWB, that he did a pretty good job. The car initially made its debut at SEMA a couple years ago in the H&R booth, so you’ve likely seen this beautiful Audi Nardo Grey example before.  

10.5″ front and 13″ rear wheels with wide sticky tires likely make for a car that tramlines and wanders with road imperfections, but it’s a well engineered car because it doesn’t rub the fenders or the inside either, even at full lock U-turns. Above and beyond the fact that it “works”, having that much tire under a car just helps to provide prodigious levels of grip, making even an unruly car like the 911 feel balanced and properly loaded. There’s a reason Porsche’s race cars, both then and now, make use of huge wide overfenders, and it’s not just to look cool. 

Regardless of how you feel about RWB looks, that OEM Porsche 997 GT3 exhaust sure sounds wild. 

Did you know that extremely talented automotive photographer Jon Sibal illustrates comic books as a day job for Marvel and DC? His photography is art, his day job is art, and his RWB is art.