Porsche Docuseries to Feature Mark Webber, Magnus Walker

Porsche partnered with the mobile game CSR2 to release four short videos with some of the brand’s most notable owners and drivers.

byTalon Homer|
Porsche Docuseries to Feature Mark Webber, Magnus Walker


Porsche has partnered with game developer Zynga to produce a four-part docuseries about prominent Porsche owners and their cars. As part of a cross-promotion with the mobile racing game CSR2, players will be able to drive a virtual copy of the car featured in each episode. The first video has just been released on the CSR Racing YouTube channel and spotlights former Le Mans driver and current Porsche ambassador Mark Webber along with his new 911 GT2 RS.

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In this episode, Webber gives a short retrospective on his racing career, then describes his driving impressions of the 700-horsepower 911. The film is concluded with a screaming exhaust note as Webber launches the car from a standstill. This GT2 RS is now available to race within CSR2. Players can also use the game's "AR Mode" to give them an idea of what the $300,000 Porsche might look like sitting in their real-life driveway. 

"We’re glad that we had the opportunity to capture these unique personalities and their stories because they each represent a distinctive interpretation of what it means to love Porsche sports cars. This partnership enables us to inspire new and longtime fans alike as we look towards the next 70 years of Porsche," Porsche VP of Marketing Dr. Kjell Gruner stated in a press release from Zynga.

In the coming months, three more episodes in the series will be released. They will feature Akira Nakai of RWB, prolific Porsche collector Magnus Walker, and Bruce Canepa who has had a storied career both driving and restoring race cars. The in-game cars released alongside these episodes will be Nakai's 993, Walker's classic 911, and Canepa's 959. CSR2 is currently available on iOS and Android.