The 5 Best Porsche Tuners in the World

With Rauh-Welt Begriff custom building a Porsche 911 in our showroom, we rundown the best P-Car tuners in the business.

Rauh-Welt Begriff, or RWB, is a Porsche tuner based in Japan. But, today, the man behind the company is working out of The Drive’s offices, here in Brooklyn. Yes, we’ve got Akira Nakai in-house, building a car in our showroom. Like, right now. Watch Nakai-san working via livestream here, and this countdown of the most legit Porsche tuners on the block.

Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design

You already know this one: The most obsessive, detail-oriented shop in the business. More art than restomod, a Singer 911 is the closest thing to outright Porsche perfection.


RUF Automotive

A Porsche only in the body-in-white sense, each RUF 911 is so thoroughly overhauled, it gets a new vehicle identification number. Also: enough turbocharged firepower to desecrate a small nation.

Magnus Walker

Kevin Park via Flickr

The man’s work is as polarizing as any. To fans of his cheeky, campy 911 builds, Magnus is a fresh air; to Porsche traditionalists, he may as well be the antichrist.



Think of it as Singer Lite, a restomod with a different approach. Instead of using and redesigning NOS parts and boosting output, Kaege keeps the engine stock but injects a health dose of carbon fiber into the equation.


Integrating Japanese tuner motifs into the 911, RWB’s shop turns out some of the coolest, widest, wildest Porsches around.