RWB Porsche 993 For Sale In Los Angeles

Nakai San’s widebody Porsche’s are polarizing, this one is periwinkle. 

byDec 10, 2016 6:55 AM
RWB Porsche 993 For Sale In Los Angeles

There is no doubt that RWB conjures quite polarizing conversation among the Porsche community. Many, myself included, view Akira Nakai's creations as art pieces more than cars. There are others, however, who view his widebody, wide-wheel, low-riding 911s as having been ruined in some way or another. While it is true that not every one of them is used to the motorsport ends that their widened bodywork would intimate, the majority of these cars are built in a way that they outperform the 993 or 964 upon which they are based. Each of the RWB-ed Porsches are fitted usually with quite wide wheels and sticky tires, performance oriented coilover suspension, and like-it-or-not aerodynamic aids which are like as not to contribute to a lower lap time at most circuits. Additionally, the majority of these cars also receive engine modifications to provide a bit more shove. 

In any case, these cars are a bit thin on the ground, as each set of RWB bodywork is hand-crafted by just one man, limiting the number of cars which can be built in the course of a year. It isn't often that one comes up for private sale, just a couple per year change hands from what I've seen, making this car currently listed on Craigslist somewhat of a surprise. Of many of them I have personally seen, this one seems to be more track oriented than usual, featuring a set of racing seats, a proper roll bar, a sparse interior, and individual throttle bodies on a hi-po engine. At one-hundred fifty grand, this is a 993 that is quite pricey, but seeing all of the work and parts having gone into this "build" you likely could not replicate such a car for the same money. Making this car all the more special is that lovely shade of periwinkle. See more photos and the full description on

Description from the listing: 

Extremely Rare 1995 Porsche 993 RWB full wide body kit.

Exterior: Lilac / Moonstone

Wheels: 18" BBS E88 Motorsport


Asking price is $150.000.00 All low ballers will be ignored!