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This RWB widebody Porsche 964 Dominates Tsukuba

A sub-1 minute time at Tsukuba is a sure fire sign of a well built race car.

A 0:57.802 lap time at the famed Tsukuba circuit in Japan is truly impressive. There was a time when I would play around at that track all day on Playstation 2 and the amazing Gran Turismo 4, attempting to get any car at all to circulate the track in under a minute. While I will admit I’m not the greatest video game player in history, I found that short of a full-on racing car, there wasn’t much that could accomplish the feat, especially with a clean lap. Even all those years ago, I knew that anything below a minute was an incredibly fast time. 

Hopefully this RWB’s sub-minute time will help quiet some of the haters of the widebody Porsche craze. While the huge fenders and massive wings are a bit more than most Porsche fans like to see on their cars, they do serve a purpose. The wider fenders hide much wider wheels and tires, promoting prodigious levels of lateral grip. The big stilted wings on the back of the car actually help get the aero aids up into the clean air flow above the car, helping the wing to do its job of providing downforce to the back of the car. It’s a wild aesthetic, but it actually does work in this case. 

You can see from the video that the car sticks to the track’s surface quite well. There are a few suspension tuning tweaks that could probably be made for an even faster lap time, as you see the car ‘porpoise’ a bit at some points in the video, and it appears to be set up quite stiff, but we’re just splitting hairs at this point. This RWB Porsche has proven that it can absolutely get the job done when it comes to race track prowess, so maybe you don’t have to comment “ruined” the next time you see an RWB on Instagram.