Ride Onboard With Porsche 356 Vintage Racing Legend Vic Skirmants

From a Le Mans-style start to dicing with big V8s, this video has it all

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association runs a series of vintage races all over the country, and Sebring is one of their blue ribband events. Mister Skirmants has been vintage racing his 356 for years, and has gotten quite good at it. This particular race is surefire proof that he's got some serious talent, hauling his little David of a car up to fight with higher classed Goliaths. Porsche's later 911 is hardly an even match for a lowly 1620cc 356, but Vic manages to fight tooth and nail with a few of them. 

The start of this race is a little unique, featuring a vintage Le Mans-style standing start from the pit wall on the start/finish straight, which mashes everyone up together at the start. Every one of these cars is foisted straight into the fray once the green flag flies and Vic manages to pick up quite a few spots before even the first corner. Short vintage race sprints like this one reward every inch of track advantage that you can muster and a standing start like that is an excellent place to make up spots. 

The video is a bit on the short side. Personally, we'd have liked to have seen at least a full lap of Sebring onboard the diminutive Porsche bathtub. We will take what we can get, however, as this 356 sounds great, and the sounds of all the other vintage racers really gets out excitement levels up a tick. A small appeal to the SVRA, it would be great if you could host a full 18-minute race from the onboard perspective of one of these cars, we'd gladly watch. Enthralled the whole time, naturally.