Go Onboard With This Screaming 1974 Porsche 911 RSR At Road Atlanta

Todd Treffert’s IROC-spec 911 RSR dominates a 54-car field of Porsches during this weekend’s vintage races in Georgia

byBradley Brownell|
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The sound of an uncorked vintage racing flat-six is an intoxication that cannot be sated by anything else. We would argue that there is no better uncorked-engine-note than a high strung air cooled Porsche, as it is equal parts guttural roar and ecstatic scream. You get a sense of speed from the sound of an old sports purposes 911, and in the case of this particular 911 RSR, that speed isn't exaggerated. This car is balls-to-the-wall fast, and Todd, the driver, sure knows how to navigate traffic, the circuit, and his car in this run group. He's unstoppable, and clearly deserved this victory. 

This weekend there was a vintage racing event hosted by Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) at Road Atlanta called The Mitty. You'll perhaps recall James Thurber's 1939 fictional short story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", or the 2013 Ben Stiller film of the same name, in which the titular character daydreams about being a more exciting person. By racing in the vintage races of The Mitty, the drivers go beyond a normal workaday life and become a hero wheelman for a weekend. Vintage racing is exciting and fun, and this onboard video only helps to prove that fact. 

Mister Treffert and his trusty 1974 911 RSR steed take the start of this short but well subscribed all-Porsche sprint race from pole position. From the very first corner, you can tell that nobody behind will have anything for Todd, and by the time he gets around to the 10a/10b complex of turns, his mirrors are completely clear. From there he has a couple laps of clear traffic with no pressure from behind to really let that 911 sing. By the time he comes up behind lapped traffic, Todd and his Porsche are really getting into a groove. A few swift and calculated maneuvers keep him out of trouble in making those passes stick, and then the checkered flag falls, and he wins the race. 

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