Check Out Pat Long’s 1968 Porsche 911 T/R Visor Cam Onboard Of Laguna Seca

The Porsche driver is a known ace in a modern racer, but he can sure wheel a vintage one, too.

byBradley Brownell|
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At this point it comes as no surprise that Pat Long is a savage behind the wheel of a vintage Porsche race car. He's been participating in vintage races for nearly as long as he's been wheeling modern racing cars. In this video from's YouTube channel, you can see the ginger wonder passing just about everyone and their mother at Laguna Seca. Whether you're driving an MG, an Alfa, or even another Porsche, Pat's damn sure going to pass you. In vintage racing it's really more about car setup than it is about the driver, but when you've got a 911 set up this well and a driver as talented as the California Kid, it would be almost impossible to not be competitive. 

While Pat does manage to make a hash of a shift at about the 7:10 mark in the video, the rest of the 13 minute onboard video is absolutely masterful. When you're using what amounts to fifty year old equipment, chances are high that not everything is in perfect alignment, so we'll give Pat a pass on that crashy gear change. There are a few saw-at-the-wheel moments that are absolutely par for the course in an old 911, so don't go thinking he's mess that up as well. Vintage 911 racers are all about balance of weight transfer, and quick hands certainly help with that. 

This class and this session is filled with some truly spectacular cars, and Pat's 911 isn't quite on par with the top of the top in this group. There is a wild little Lotus Elan that shot past everyone like they were standing still while we were spectators this weekend at the Monterey Pre-Reunion weekend. If you're in the area of Laguna Seca this weekend, make sure to drop by for the Reunion, you 100% will not regret it. 

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