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The Next-Gen Ford Mustang Is Coming in Early 2023: Report

A new hybrid option is expected to come along for the ride.

Everybody wants to prognosticate the future of the Mustang, including Ford CEO Jim Farley, who told The Drive over the summer that he wants the next-gen pony car to be poster worthy. When our own Kyle Cheromcha sat down with Farley in Monterey during Car Week, the Blue Oval boss’s lips were sealed about when the next Mustang would make an appearance. Pull the string, and you’ll find a few whispers here and revealing LinkedIn posts there hinting at what’s to come, but there’s still a lot of speculation going on about the debut of the next Mustang. 

Autoline’s Sean McElroy found a nugget of information from global automotive forecasting database provider AutoForecast and shared it on his news update; he says Ford plans to add a Mustang hybrid in 2025 when it kicks off the new generation. The S550 Ford Mustang has been around since 2015, and muscle car fans are holding their collective breath for the update. McElroy says production won’t begin on the S650 until March 2023.

Not all ‘Stang fans were satisfied with the Mach-E, which Ford calls “Mustang-inspired.” As quick and sleek as it is, it’s not the muscle car purists want, and the next generation Mustang is anticipated to be as much of an improvement to the pony car as the sixth gen over the previous one.

As for the hybrid version, it’s going to be a welcome addition to the fleet. We reported a few days ago that the new Maverick is packaged with a hybrid powertrain as standard equipment on its base trim, and the F-150 PowerBoost option has impressed me with its efficiency and ability to go 700 miles without having to stop at the pump. Ford may be easing its customers into the electrified world, which makes sense. 

There’s room in our collective hearts for a hybrid muscle car, and I expect the Mustang version to sell quite well. 

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