Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves: Be Safe and Look Stylish

Protect your hands and look good on the road with these top leather gloves

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PUBLISHED ON October 12, 2019

By pure human instinct, we put our hands down when we fall. Serious injuries can occur if we leave them unprotected, especially when riding a motorcycle. Leather gloves are a great choice for those who seek a combination of safety, comfort, and style. They also offer protection in bad weather and look amazing on every biker. Check out our buying guide if you want to get the best pair to complement your gear.

  • Best Overall
    Milwaukee Summer Cruising Gloves
    These gloves are made of premium leather for ultimate protection. They feature a padded gel palm for more comfort and a better grip. Furthermore, the Velcro wrist strap makes them fit snugly on the hand.
    The leather is thin and breathable. It makes the gloves comfortable and cool on hot summer days. The material also ensures better command over controls. The gloves are true to size and very stylish.
    The Velcro strap is located on the inside of the wrist. It tends to rub against the handlebar, and it could pop off after some time.
  • Best Value
    Premium Leather Perforated Gloves
    These gloves are made from perforated goat leather. The high-quality material protects hands from weather, cuts, and impacts. The gel pad on the wrist prevents vibrations and ensures a secure grip.
    They are suitable for both cold and hot weather. The perforations on the material make them breathable and ideal for summer. The inner liner is soft and cozy. The gloves offer a tight fit and look great on the hands.
    The black dye may wear off, so they can stain your hands. The palm perforations also lack padding.
  • Honorable Mention
    Biker Gloves Premium Leather
    Premium leather makes these gloves soft and easy to put on. They are flexible, roomy, and well-ventilated. The material is touchscreen sensitive and double-padded. They offer protection from the weather and cuts and prevent vibration.
    These are available in several colors to match every style. They are elegant and quite comfortable. The breathable technology makes them ideal for summer. They ward off moisture and keep hands cool and dry.
    The touchscreen sensitivity could be better. It requires a lot of maneuvering. The inner stitching may tear and might feel uncomfortable.

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  • Leather gloves are a great way to keep your hands warm. They protect against harsh weather and make you feel comfortable during the ride. Choose a pair according to the season. Winter gloves are thicker and have longer cuffs. Summer gloves are thinner and more breathable.
  • Test your new gloves before riding to make sure they fit properly. It's very important that you can move your hands and fingers freely. You should be able to react quickly and steer with precision.
  • Regardless of the material, all gloves need to be maintained regularly. You can clean the leather by rinsing it in lukewarm water. This way, they'll preserve the shape and last longer. Don’t put them in a washing machine because you may ruin them. 


Q: Do leather gloves stretch?

A: Gloves made from 100-percent leather stretch only slightly. To stretch them, steep the gloves in lukewarm water, and let them dry on your hands. When leather is combined with other types of material, the gloves may stretch about one hand size larger.

Q: How should leather motorcycle gloves fit? 

A: The gloves should fit snugly without restricting your movements. They shouldn't be tight around the wrist or in the knuckles. Make sure that you can move your hands and fingers freely. They shouldn't be too loose either because your hands may slip from the handlebars. 

Q: Can I shrink leather gloves? 

A: Yes, you can shrink them by using warm water. Soak the gloves for about five to 10 minutes. Let them dry on a flat surface, preferably overnight. Don't use hair dryers or any other source of external heat. It will only cause the leather to crack. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best leather motorcycle gloves is a pair of Milwaukee Summer Cruising Gloves. They are comfortable, breathable, and look great combined with any outfit. 

If you're looking for a more affordable option, check out the Premium Leather Perforated Gloves. They are great for every season.