Best Scorpion Helmets: Perfect Combination of Protection and Style

Stay safe on the road with these top three Scorpion helmets

Best Overall

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Helmet

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Best Value

Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet

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Honorable Mention

Scorpion Exo-R710 Street Motorcycle Helmet

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Whether you’re a passionate motorcyclist or someone who just likes to get around on the bike, you need a quality helmet to keep you safe during rides. Scorpion is one of the brands you’ll definitely run across while searching for the best motorcycle helmet.

The company combines a high level of protection, comfort, and low price to provide its customers with a wide range of excellent choices. To help you find the perfect one for your needs among the many available options, we composed the following guide containing the best Scorpion helmets.

Summary List

Best Scorpion Helmets: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Helmet

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Best Value

Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet

Check Latest Price

Honorable Mention

Scorpion Exo-R710 Street Motorcycle Helmet

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Our Verdict

Our top pick is the ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Helmet, a versatile model that proves to be very reliable in different road conditions and riding situations. 

Those who are on a tight budget might want to take a look at our best-value pick, the Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet. Although it might lack some features, this model still offers a high level of protection.

Benefits of Scorpion Helmets

  • Follow the law. Most states have laws that require motorcyclists to wear helmets while driving. By wearing a helmet, therefore, you’ll be respecting the law. Even if some states don’t have these strict laws, if you ever set out on a ride to cross the borders, you’ll need to have a helmet. 
  • Safety. The main benefit of wearing a helmet is enhanced safety. You get to protect your main asset: the head. Helmets absorb impacts and lower the pressure on the skull, keeping you safe in case of falls and crashes. Although these accessories can’t protect you in all situations, they are up to 70 percent efficient in preventing injuries in case of accidents. 
  • Extra protection. Along with keeping your head safe from impacts, helmets also offer protection against other hazards on the road such as rocks, dirt, debris, sun, and more. When riding at high speeds, your eyes can seriously get hurt or infected by little particles and objects that tend to bump off the road into your face. 
  • Visibility. Most helmets come with visors that protect the eyes from wind and other hazards and enhance visibility on the road. The high-quality ones also have reflectors or similar materials that make them visible to other drivers. It’s a huge benefit because motorcycles are harder to see on the road than cars, trucks, and other large vehicles.

Types of Scorpion Helmets

Scorpion motorcycle helmets come in many types to meet all customer needs. We listed some of the most popular and best-selling ones. 


Full-face helmets are probably the safest option out there because they protect the entire head and neck area. They have a chin bar to keep the chin and jaw safe in case of accidents, which is very important because these body parts suffer the most in crashes. Thanks to the high level of protection and convenient design, full-face helmets are rather versatile and suitable for both professionals and casual riders. 


Modular helmets are widely known as flip-up ones. They are an excellent middle choice between full-face and 3/4 helmets. This type has a chin bar and visor that flip up and open in front. The main benefit of this design is the ability to adjust the helmet according to riding situations. A driver gets to flip the chin bar or the visor up for more breathability and put it down when the extra protection against the sun, wind, and rain is needed. 


Open-face or 3/4 helmets cover the top and the sides of the head. The face stays exposed for more breathability, which is why they are mostly used for daily rides, and not races and other professional purposes. These helmets don’t have a chin bar, which makes them less safe but more lightweight and comfortable. The full visors are also rarely included with open-face visors.

Half Helmet

Half helmets are most commonly used by beginner motorcycle riders or those who are not going on long rides. They cover the skull only partially, from the top of the head to the brows. Some of them may cover the neck area and the ears, but they all leave most of the face exposed. Half helmets provide excellent airflow during rides but also the lowest protection compared to the other types. They mostly don’t include visors or face shields, so protective goggles or riding glasses are needed. 

Off-Road Helmets

These helmets are designed for demanding off-road adventures. They are not the first choice for city rides but are perfect for rocky and bumpy roads. Off-road helmets are super safe thanks to the large visors and reinforced chin bars. They offer excellent airflow, weigh less than other types, and prove to be very comfortable. The only drawback is the lack of eye protection, so glasses or goggles need to be bought separately. 

Dual-Sport Helmets

These are a combination of full-face and off-road helmets. They have large visors and lower chin bars but are extra padded for more comfort, just like full-face helmets. Dual-sport helmets are, therefore, suitable for both on and off-road conditions and offer a high level of protection. They are mostly used for professional purposes and races with mixed terrains. 

Top Brands


Scorpion was founded in 2004 and is located in Santa Fe Springs, California. It’s one of the best-rated and highly valued companies when it comes to motorcycle helmets and apparel. Thanks to the dedicated team of world-famous helmet designers, Scorpion offers a wide range of high-quality helmets to meet different riding needs and styles. Its products combine safety and comfort at the best price, which can be seen in one of its best-selling helmets such as the ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Helmet

Scorpion Helmets Pricing

  • $100-$200: At this price point, you can find many reliable and safe Scorpion helmets that are perfect for both professional and hobby purposes. They might lack some features such as visors and extra protective coats, but they are still highly efficient. 
  • $200 and up: For some extra cash, you can get certified, heavy-duty helmets that come with additional features such as fog-, scratch-, and UV-resistant coats. Pricier models might also fit better and be easier to use thanks to the removable inner parts and quick-release mechanisms. 

Key Features

Outer Shell

The outer shell is what protects you from impacts and abrasions in case of accidents. It’s the part you see from the outside, and its function is to prevent objects from penetrating the helmet and reaching your head. The shell should, therefore, be made of high-quality materials that can withstand and absorb high pressure and impacts. 

Impact-Absorbing Liner

An impact-absorbing liner is the inner part of the helmet that features EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam. This material should absorb shocks and pressure and displace the energy, so your head doesn’t get hurt in case of accidents. For that reason, it’s important to look for the thick and durable EPS foam. While one layer might be enough for short city rides, those who are planning to ride at higher speeds should consider getting a helmet with thicker, dual-layer foam. 

Padded Comfort Layer

A quality helmet should have a solid padded comfort layer because that’s the area that supports your head. The best layers have soft and breathable materials, and they prove to be comfortable and moisture-resistant. If you want to get the best helmet for your needs, make sure to check the quality and the shape of the padded comfort layer before the purchase.  

Retention System

The retention system, or the chin strap, is what keeps the helmet on your head during rides. It secures under the chin and features a sturdy and durable strap. Not all retention systems are made of the same materials, though, and it’s essential to pick one that is both comfortable and sturdy. The strap should be breathable and soft to the skin yet strong enough not to detach in dangerous situations. 


The ventilation system is designed to keep your head cool during rides, especially when wearing a full- or half-face helmet. Most of them contain multiple vents that allow for excellent airflow, and you get to open and close them at your will. However, some helmets don’t allow for vent adjustments, and others don’t offer this feature at all. When buying a helmet, consider the type of ventilation system and see whether it meets your needs. 


A visor is a useful part of the helmet that keeps wind, dirt, dust, debris, and other harmful elements away from your face. Usually, they can be removed and replaced with other brands, so you can pick the ones that suit particular road situations. Not all helmets come with visors, though. For that reason, consider whether you need this accessory or not before you pick a particular helmet.

Other Considerations

  • Safety. Not all helmets provide the same amount of protection. Some of them come with sturdy shells and extra-padded layers for off-road conditions. Others prove to be lighter and easier to transport on shorter distances but are less safe. Consider the level of safety you need before choosing a helmet.
  • Size and Shape. Scorpion helmets come in many sizes and shapes. The best ones should fit your head perfectly because only then can they provide enough protection against the outdoor hazards. Consider the helmet size and make sure to pick a shape that matches your riding style and needs.
  • Comfort. Don’t neglect the level of comfort a helmet provides, especially if you’re planning to use it for extended periods. It’s also essential to pick one that has breathable materials and removable inner parts. That will ensure your head stays cool during rides and that you can easily clean the helmet. 
  • Regulations. Check the local and state regulations before buying a helmet. In North America, the helmet should pass DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations, and in the EU, it should meet ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) requirements. A product should have DOT or ECE approval to be legal and safe for use.


  • Don’t forget to measure your head so you can pick a helmet that fits perfectly. Use a measuring tape and compare the results with the provided Scorpion size chart. Don’t use other charts because sizes can vary between different manufacturers. 
  • Check whether a particular helmet has removable inner parts. That will allow you to clean the helmet in a breeze and keep it in the best condition all the time. 
  • Some Scorpion helmets have adjustable cheek pads that you can tighten to lower the noise when riding at high speeds. It can also help you increase the overall comfort on longer rides. 


Q: Are Scorpion helmets safe? 

A: Yes, all Scorpion helmets prove to be very strong, durable, and safe for bikers. Most of them are Snell-certified and have way above average results in SHARP safety tests.  

Q: How can I be sure that a Scorpion helmet will fit my head?

A: You can use Scorpion’s measuring system to make sure a particular helmet will fit your head. The company offers three simple measuring tests you can do in a few moments, and get a perfectly sized helmet for yourself.

Q: How do you clean a Scorpion helmet?

A: Scorpion helmets are easy to clean, but no abrasives or solvents should be used. The inner layers can be removed on most Scorpion helmets and machine-washed. The visors and the outer shell can be wiped clean with soft microfiber cloths, mild soaps, and lukewarm water.