Best Winter Motorcycle Jackets: Stay Snug In Colder Temps

These top motorcycle jackets will keep you warm even in the chilliest weather conditions

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BY Daniel Rika , Jennifer L. Passmore / LAST UPDATED ON June 30, 2021

Winter usually means there are fewer riders on the road due the plunging temperatures. But you don’t have to give up riding just because of cold weather. You can ride well into the chillier months if you have a winter leather motorcycle jacket to keep you warm. Check out some of the best picks in our buying guide below.

Best Overall
KLIM Latitude Jacket

The main body features a Gore-Tex two-layer performance shell. High abrasion zones in the jacket feature next-generation 840D Cordura Laminate.

  • With goat leather trim on the elbows and forearms, it increases flexibility while riding while keeping you warm
  • Highly reflective materials on the jacket make night riding a safer experience
  • Some customers have mentioned an odd fit with this jacket
  • It might be wise to order a size up to make sure that you get a proper fit
Best Overall
KLIM Latitude Jacket
Best Value
Alpinestars Waterproof Men's Riding Jacket

It’s created with a completely waterproof membrane that provides protection against the elements. It is seal-taped to repel water. 

  • This jacket is great to add to your all-weather riding collection; it is very warm and has a removable long-sleeved thermal liner 
  • Has removable elbow and shoulder protectors
  • If you live in an area with a warmer climate, this jacket may get too hot to ride in during the summer season
Best Value
Alpinestars Waterproof Men's Riding Jacket
Honorable Mention
HWK Textile Motorbike All-Weather Jacket

This jacket from a well-known brand is designed for all-weather riding and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Has a removable lining to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Has Cordura fabric on high impact areas for added safety
  • Features reflective embellishments 
  • It is a bit thin, so you wouldn’t want this jacket for any extreme sport riding
Honorable Mention
HWK Textile Motorbike All-Weather Jacket

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Benefits of a Winter Motorcycle Jacket

  • Safety. This is the number-one reason to purchase a motorcycle jacket. It shields your upper body from the impact of a crash or fall. Winter jackets often have safety padding across the shoulders, elbows, and spine to prevent injury.
  • Comfort. These jackets are specially designed for riding a motorcycle, so you remain comfortable at all times. Water-resistant jackets keep you dry in the rain, and dual-season jackets feature an external liner to prevent wind or rain from touching your skin or clothes.
  • Easy maintenance. Motorcycle jackets are designed for intense weather conditions, falls, and vigorous wear. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning them to keep them in good condition.

Types of Winter Motorcycle Jackets


Sportbike jackets conform to your body when you’re in a forward riding position. This means the jacket fits closely to your body and provides you with all the range of motion needed for riding. Sportbike jackets tend to be shorter and have a sporty look. While a sportbike jacket lacks extra length, it is fitted with exceptional safety features to protect the rider from impact in a collision.


These are the most versatile jackets you can buy. They’re well-suited for riding in wind, rain, and even snow. Since they handle all types of weather, they prevent you from having to buy multiple jackets for different seasons. These jackets provide comfort, are fit for long journeys, and can handle off-road hazards such as natural debris, rocks, and dirt you may encounter.


Cruiser/café jackets are the most minimalist. They tend to be compact, slim, and tight-fitting to combine protection with style and sophistication. They’re often made of leather to ensure you’re well-protected on your motorcycle. You’ll find many styles, textiles, and color choices available, so you’ll find one that suits your tastes. This jacket is usually versatile enough to wear off your motorcycle, too.

Top Brands


KLIM was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Denmark. The company produces motorcycle riding gear, with a particular focus on jackets. Its high-quality motorcycle apparel includes gloves, helmets, riding pants, boots, and much more. We recommend the KLIM Latitude Jacket.


Founded in 1909 in Stoke-on-Trent, England, Tourmaster is a leader in motorcycle gear and goes beyond selling jackets. Its products include footwear, luggage, helmets, gloves, and more. The brand’s objective is to sell high-quality riding gear at a cost-effective price. The Tourmaster Transition Series Jacket is a top choice for riders. 

Viking Cycle

Viking Cycle was founded in 1908 in Wolverhampton, England. The brand sells a vast selection of high-quality clothing and accessories, including vests, jackets, gloves, and hats for exceptional prices. We recommend the Viking Cycle Motorcycle Jacket.

Winter Motorcycle Jackets Pricing

  • Under $50: The jackets in this price range will have breathable sections, though they may retain some water as they may not be suitable for intense rain. Some have polyester 600D Cordura fabric across impact areas.
  • $50-$100: Expect removable features and pockets for everyday riding at this price point. These jackets often have protective padding across the elbows, shoulders, and back.
  • $100 and up: The most expensive jackets feature reflective strips to improve your visibility in the dark. High-end jackets also feature flexible materials, so you can comfortably ride your motorcycle without any restrictions. 

Key Features

Waterproof and Windproof

Winter jackets should have waterproofing and windproofing qualities. A waterproof base layer inside of the jacket stops the outer shell from getting wet. As a result, the jacket won’t feel wet and neither will you. Plus, it prevents your clothing from becoming heavy and cold.

Some jackets feature removable waterproofing liners, so you can clean these when not in use. Alternatively, you can remove them if you ride your motorcycle in the summer.

Insulating Layer

Many winter motorcycle jackets feature inner thermal liners to retain heat and keep you warm while riding in the rain or cold weather. These insulating layers prevent any wind from entering the jacket and keep you from getting sweaty or clammy.  Features include breathable mesh materials to allow body odor to escape through the vents.


Your safety and well-being are more important than remaining dry on your motorcycle. Therefore, the best jackets feature protection points across the elbows, shoulders, and spine. This padding prevents you from experiencing breaks and internal injuries should you fall off your motorcycle. Padded and multiple layers of material absorb the impact. Some go-to materials include Cordura, Kevlar, and leather.

Other Considerations

  • Fit and Comfort. A jacket’s material affects flexibility and how much movement you have. Opt for a jacket that is designed so you can comfortably steer your motorcycle without feeling restricted.
  • Pockets. If your motorcycle doesn’t have storage space, opt for a jacket with external and/or internal pockets. That way you can store your keys, phone, and other items while traveling.
  • Reflective Strips. Should you travel at night, it’s a great idea to have reflective strips on your jacket to improve your visibility. This isn’t essential if you ride in the daytime, but the strips allow car lights to reflect against your clothing.

Best Winter Motorcycle Jackets Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
KLIM Latitude Jacket

The KLIM Latitude Jacket is guaranteed to keep you dry thanks to the Gore-Tex two-layer performance shell exterior in the main body. The goat leather trim along the elbows and forearms keeps you warm in the winter. The jacket also has light visibility to improve your safety when riding in the dark.

The fit is relaxed and comfortable, so your movement isn’t restricted while you’re riding your motorcycle. It also features a robust integrated armor system and intelligent cargo technology to protect your body in the event of a collision. 

If you’re interested in purchasing this item, be aware that the sizing can be too small when compared to other brands. As such, expect that you may need to return the clothing before finding the perfect fit. It’s also an expensive purchase if you don’t plan to use it regularly.

Best Value
Alpinestars Waterproof Men's Riding Jacket

The Alpinestars Waterproof Men's Riding Jacket has many features to protect you while riding your motorcycle. The 450-denier poly-fabric increases durability and makes the jacket abrasion-resistant. It also has a fixed, fill waterproof membrane to keep you dry in the rain. The elbow and shoulder protectors offer class-leading protection against accidents. 

This jacket has a fixed, full mesh lining so your skin can breathe in hotter temperatures, and the material remains comfortable for movement. This is great for long rides or simply improving your enjoyment on a motorcycle. This jacket is also reinforced with PU coating to remain durable and protect you in a collision. 

However, some customers found that this jacket isn’t the strongest contender in the rain. There are some waterproof features, but this doesn’t follow throughout the entire jacket. Unfortunately, some customers reported that the jacket is a lot smaller than they expected.

Best Color Options
HWK Textile Motorbike All-Weather Jacket

HWK is a well-known brand within motorcycle products, and this all-weather jacket is no exception. It comes in sizes small to 5X large and in black with color splash options of red, blue, green, orange, or all black. It has 600D Cordura fabric on high impact areas to keep you safe. The arms, cuffs, and waist are all adjustable for optimal fit. With a waist connection zipper, you can easily attach it to your riding pants. With reflective embellishments, this motorcycle jacket keeps you safe during night time riding. 

This is fairly well-priced for a motorcycle jacket. It is 100 percent waterproof, so you won’t have to stop riding in the rain. It is designed to keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer due to its removable lining. The sizing is true to what you expect. 

However, it weighs just under 4 pounds, so it is on the thinner side and you would not want it for really rough sport riding.

Best Leather
Flavor Men’s Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This highly stylish men’s motorcycle jacket comes in both brown and black. It is made of 100 percent leather with a cotton interior and a removable hood. It comes with seven pockets on the outside and the inside. To help keep you warm, it is hip-length with a stand collar and adjustable cuffs. It comes in a wide variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit, from extra small to 3X large, and even big and tall sizes up to 6X. It fits as expected and is extremely comfortable. 

As this is a full leather jacket, it is not a cheap product, but with the elevated price comes a better quality. As expected, with a larger size ordered, the price will go up due to the extra material needed. However, it is a highly durable jacket that will last a lifetime. 

Honorable Mention
Borleni Windproof Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Keeping with a more traditional riding look, Borleni has made an armored motorcycle jacket with a removable warm lining. It comes in black, blue, and red and in sizes medium through 2X large. It’s made from windproof 600 denier polyester high performance fabric. There is a cotton liner to help keep you warm but it can be removed, making this jacket great for both cold and warm weather. It also has five removable EVA protectors on the back, shoulders, and elbows. The cuff, collar, and hem is adjustable to ensure the most comfortable fit. 

When comparing its price to others on the market, it is quite competitive. Considering this can be both a warm and cold jacket, and armored or unarmored, it is a great deal. 

However, it does not perform the best in heavy rain. It will do fine in light rain, though. 


  • To find the best size and get the best fit, measure your chest, waist, and sleeves with a fabric measuring tape and compare them with the product’s sizing chart.
  • Look for a winter motorcycle jacket that is made from durable and rugged material, ideally something that is armored for extra protection.
  • If you ride often, find a jacket that has a decent amount of pockets to hold valuables like your wallet, cell phone, and the other items you carry every day.


Q: Do I need to measure myself before purchasing a winter motorcycle jacket?

If you are looking for a jacket that fits you just right and that you won’t have to return, then yes, you should take your measurements before purchasing one.

Q: How do I know that I am getting a good-quality winter motorcycle jacket?

Look for something that is durable and warm. You don’t want something that fits so tightly that you cannot maneuver around in it. Plus, you want a jacket that you can wear layers underneath. 

Q: Will an all-weather motorcycle jacket work in the winter?

Yes, a jacket that is created for all-weather excursions will work to keep you warm. Such jackets typically have an inner layer that can keep you warm in the winter and that you can remove in the summer.

Final Thoughts

The KLIM Latitude Jacket is created with durable materials that will keep the cold out.  With its Gore-Tex two-layer performance shell, it is extremely efficient at keeping you warm while riding. Our best value pick is the Alpinestars Waterproof Men's Riding Jacket.