RevZilla’s 4th of July Jacket Sale Is Already On

Play the long game and capitalize on out-of-season jackets, which have the best discounts.
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Robert Bacon

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I recently completed a five-hour road trip to the Mexican coastline in 100-degree Fahrenheit weather. I kid you not, it was a test of body and mind and one I wouldn’t have passed without my Rev’it! Eclipse summer jacket. My return journey was essentially a repeat of the heat and forced me to contemplate what I’d do next month when the monsoon season starts.

The fact that I’ll need a wet-weather jacket when most of you will be sporting summer jackets highlights an important fact: the seasons won’t stop changing for anyone. So it makes the most sense to capitalize on an out-of-season jacket now, pick up a mega deal, and thank yourself in a few months. Or just get a discounted summer jacket. It’s up to you.