Save $180 on a Schuberth Helmet From J&P Cycles and More Moto Deals

Motorcycle Safety Month is the perfect time to remember that we dress for the fall, not the ride.

byRobert Bacon|
Alpinestars SP-8 v2 Gloves, Schuberth SR2 Wildcard Yellow Full-Face Helmet, TCX Rush Waterproof Boots
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About nine years ago, I was involved in a miracle. I was T-boned while riding my Honda Bros 400 in Dublin, Ireland, by a beige 1988 E-Class weighing nearly two tons. The miracle wasn’t the crash; it was that after somersaulting over the handlebars wearing just a helmet for protection, I was OK. Well, my bike was written off and I had some bruises and a few cuts, but I was fine. That incident was an anomaly, a wake-up call, and also the last time I rode in the city without full protective gear.

It’s Motorcycle Safety Month and a good time for all motorcyclists to ask themselves if their gear is protecting them as well as it should. Motorcycle safety is something I care about passionately, so it delights me to bring you the best motorcycle safety gear deals from across the web today.

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Check out these deals and wrap yourself for the road: