Best Booster Seats: Put Your Child’s Safety First

The best car seat boosters to keep your child safe and comfortable during family rides

byNorah Tarichia| UPDATED May 7, 2021 9:05 AM
Best Booster Seats: Put Your Child’s Safety First

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON May 7, 2021

Has your child outgrown his or her forward-facing car seat? Relying on your vehicle’s seat belts to protect your kid is not a safe option since the seat belt may not be in the correct position for protection from injury in an accident. The seat belt straps may lay against his or her neck or belly, which can be dangerous and uncomfortable. A car seat booster is the next best option for a child at that critical age. We can help you find some of the top booster seats that will keep your child safe and comfortable.

Best Overall
Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat

Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat

A convertible car booster that’s engineered and tested to meet the US regulations for child transportation. It’s constructed with energy-absorbing foam for shock absorption in case of impact. Ideal for children weighing between 30 and 100 pounds.
Convertible car seat. Comfortable back support. Offers the convenience of an adjustable back. Easy to install.
The cup holders are a bit small. The latch straps sometimes come loose. The cover stains easily.
Best Value

Evenflo Big Kid Amp High Back Booster

Affordable car seat booster with six adjustable heights. The fabric is adorned with fun colors and patterns that are appealing to children. Suitable for children weighing between 40 and 100 pounds.
Affordable. Lightweight and easy to move from car to car. Comes with two cup holders. Covers are easy to clean.
No lower anchors for securing the seat. Insufficient padding for comfort. The seat feels cheap and unsteady.
Honorable Mention

Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Booster Seat

The booster comes with removable back support. It features a reclining seat with a heavy foam padding for extra protection and comfort. Ideal for children weighing between 30 and 110 pounds.
A versatile option for children. Machine washable covers. Provides extra comfort and support in the right places.
The back support comes off easily when moving the seat. Poorly designed straps.

 Benefits of Booster Seats

  • Safety. Booster seats reduce injury risks from improper seat belt positioning. A child’s lap and shoulders are too low to fit in a car’s seat belt. If the lap and shoulder belts are too high, they may cause abdominal and neck injury during a crash. A booster seat gives your child the height advantage to fit into the lap belt, and you can adjust the head support according to the height of the child to protect their head and shoulders.
  • Convenience. Most booster seats come with cup holders and extra storage units for snacks and toys. If you have a set of twins, you will find this feature convenient since your children can easily reach out for the snacks and toys themselves. 
  • Comfort. Manufacturers make car booster seats with extra foam padding at the bottom, shoulder, and the back to offer extra comfort to the child when they are sitting. It’s not uncommon for children to fall asleep in their booster seats under such circumstances. 
  • Comply with the law. Most state laws and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) require parents with children under eight years to use booster car seats for their kids. 

Types of Booster Seats

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High-Back Booster Seats

High-back booster seats have both a back and head support, and the headrest is adjustable to accommodate the height of a growing child. Most feature seat belt guides that help you position the car seat belt on the shoulder and lap. They are designed to offer extra back and head support to children who fall asleep during long trips. Most manufacturers make these booster seats with a removable back, and some boosters can convert to forward- or rear-facing seats.

Backless Booster Seats                                                    

Backless booster seats are specialized seats that offer a height advantage to a child and don’t include a head and back support. They also have seat belt guides to help you with the correct positioning of the seat belt. They are typically lightweight, budget-friendly, and easy to carry around. They are ideal for children who are almost ready to ditch the booster seats due to their size. 

Top Brands


Graco has over 70 years of experience in manufacturing baby products. The company was founded by Russel Gray and Robert Cone and has its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s a multinational company that manufactures and designs high chairs, travel systems, baby swings, play yards, and it is known for making some of the safest booster car seats. The Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat is one such product that screams of comfort and safety.


Evenflo specializes in the research, design, and development of consumer products like safety gates, travel systems, high chairs, infant carriers, and vehicle seats. The company is owned by Goodbaby International Holdings Limited and has its headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio. It also has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Piqua, Tijuana, and Mexico. The best kids’ booster seat from Evenflo is the Evenflo Big Kid Amp High Back Booster.


With 60 years of experience in the retail world, Chicco has carved its niche as a top manufacturer of children’s clothing and toys. Its products are sold in over 120 countries worldwide, and the company sells some of the best-rated booster car seats. Its headquarters are in Como, Lombardy, Italy. Consider going for the Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Booster Seat if you would like to try out a top-notch Chicco product.


Britax is a renowned global manufacturer of childcare products such as high chairs, car seats, and strollers. It has roots dating back to 1938 and is known for making the best toddler booster seats. The company has its headquarters in Hillswood Business Park, United Kingdom. A popular Britax booster seat is the Britax USA Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Booster Seat Pricing

  • Under $50: This price range is for budget-friendly booster seats that offer safety and comfort, minus all the extra features like storage compartments and extra padding that may come with higher-end options. They are no-frills boosters suitable for parents who don’t travel often with their children and anyone not looking to spend a fortune on a booster seat.
  • $50-$100: Booster seats at this price range come with all the extra storage units, cup holders, and extra padding to promote the safety of your child when driving. They are ideal for long drives with little ones.
  • Above $100: The majority of booster seats at this price range are from high-end manufacturers. They are made from premium materials and have a variety of convenience features for little ones. They are ideal for long distance travel and contribute to the utmost safety and comfort of the occupant. 

Key Features

Age-Appropriate Design

You should go for a booster with an age-appropriate design. Younger children, below four years, should use a high-back booster seat for extra support to the neck and head. Since they are not tall enough to use the car seat belt and spend most of their time sleeping in the car, they need extra support. Get a backless design for older children who just need the extra boost to use the seat belt.

Quality Materials

There are certain quality controls that should be followed when making booster seats. First off, the materials should not pose a health risk to the child. The materials should also be comfortable and have shock-absorbing properties. Foam should be included in various parts of the seat with more focus on the head and shoulder supports.

Belt-Positioning Guide

Always confirm that there is a belt-path guide in the booster seat. Your vehicle’s seat belt is what will hold down the booster. A belt-positioning guide shows the correct angle for placing the seat belt for proper protection. It may scuff your seat belt, but the extra safety feature is worth it.

Other Considerations

  • Car Compatibility: Most booster seats can fit in a modern car. However, you should ensure that the booster seat is not installed in the same place as the airbag. If the airbag is in the same place, you should deactivate it or consult with your car’s manual to see if it’s safe to put the booster seat there.
  • Weight: The best boosters have a lightweight profile to make it easy to move from one vehicle to another. Boosters can carry snacks, toys, clothing, and other items so it’s convenient when the seat is light enough to carry around. 

Best Booster Seat Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Graco Affix Youth Booster is the best booster seat for kids between 30 and 100 pounds. It has a combination of comfort and safety with latch systems that conform to federal regulations regarding child transportation, and an EPS energy-absorbing foam padding to reduce impact. It also includes a lower latch system, and with just one hand, you can secure the booster to the car seat. In addition, it has a fully adjustable headrest and back support, and self-buckling is possible.

This Graco booster seat comes with extra perks like two cup holders and hide-away storage compartments for snacks and toys. It’s a favorite among many parents since it comes in vivid colors that are appealing to children. The seat belt is easily adjustable thanks to the extra loops on the booster that integrate with the car seat belt. The fabric covering the booster is soft to the touch, removable, and easy to clean.

What you probably won’t like about this product are the straps, which come loose easily. You will likely need to double check that they are secure. The cup holders are also a bit small, and the cover is thin and stains easily. Despite all this, the Graco Affix Youth Booster is one of the top booster car seats available and worth the money.

The Evenflo Big Kid Amp High-Back Booster is popular due to its budget-friendly price, and it also comes in bright colors that brighten up car seats stained by pets and children. It has six adjustable height positions and includes a belt clip that helps with the correct positioning of the vehicle’s seat belt on the child’s shoulder. It‘s a great booster seat for a six-year-old (or older) since it can transition into a backless booster for an older kid that can correctly use the vehicle’s seat belt when given a boost.

The manufacturer didn’t take any shortcuts with safety as the seat design protects both the head and shoulders from lateral impact. This booster is also heavily padded with foam to create a safe and comfortable sitting experience. The covers and pads on the seat are removable and machine washable. The seat can be used by children weighing between 40 and 110 pounds.

The downside is that it’s a cheap product and may feel unsteady on the car seat. Six adjustable heights are also not sufficient for a high-back booster seat. Moreover, there are no anchors to secure the booster onto the car seat. 

The Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Booster Seat is a top-quality booster seat that’s worth the mention. The design entails a well-contoured recliner seat with a high-back style that’s easy to fasten onto a car seat. Moreover, the package comes with user-friendly seat belt guides. The head of the seat has a wing-like structure for side-impact protection for the head and shoulders, and the seat can be used with or without the back support.

For extra comfort and protection, the seat has ErgoBoost double foam padding, and the seat and armrest covers are removable and machine washable. The head is adjustable to 10 height positions to cater to your children’s height as they grow. A SuperCinch Latch attachment keeps this booster seat in place with just one pull of the tightener. Generally, the seat has an ergonomic design, it’s easy to install, and is comfortable for the kids.

On the downside, the detachable back support falls off easily when moving the seat. Chicco could also use better design to the plastic piece holding the seat belt to make it more durable. Regardless of the minor flaws, the Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 is suitable for children who are between 38 and 57 inches tall.

As your child sits in a high back booster seat, his or her head is protected on each side. A booster seat also provides a place for a sleeping child to lay their head. The Graco Highback Car Seat helps protect your child as you drive and is ideal for kids aged 4-10 years old. Its minimum weight requirement is 40 pounds.

This booster seat offers full back support, even as your child grows. You can easily remove its high back to create a backless booster seat your child will use for many years to come. We like the height-adjustable armrests, adjustable headrest, and the cup holders. The hide-away cup holders save space in your car and help prevent unnecessary spills. The headrest can be adjusted in six different positions and will keep your kid happy and comfortable. Open-loop belt guides allow you to correctly position the seat belt. You will love the support that this booster seat provides to your child's head and body. 

However, if you own a small car, get another booster, because this one may not fit. And because its back is detachable, it easily falls off, and your kid may have trouble reattaching it.

If you belong to a family of explorers and you’re constantly going on road trips, a folding car seat can change how you explore the world. Foldable booster seats are designed for travel, so your child will travel in comfort. The mifold is the most compact and portable booster seat on this list and is 10 times smaller than a regular booster seat. However, it is just as safe. This booster seat is designed for children ages four and up who weigh 40-100 pounds (40-57 inches tall). 

The car seat offers the safety of a conventional booster seat, while its revolutionary design allows it to be used in different settings: carpools, taxis, rental cars, and more. You can fit three  across the back seat of any car. The booster is also perfect for airline travel. If you've always found it difficult to travel with a booster seat, get the mifold grab-and-go booster seat. It is small enough to put in a carry-on bag or a car's glove compartment. While the booster seat is unlike any other, it meets NHTSA safety standards. 

However, it has a few faults. It is not easy to install, as it keeps folding when you try to attach the seat belt. It also doesn't stay put and is very slippery on leather seats. Additionally, unbuckling it is hard; your child won't be able to do it on their own.

If you want a booster seat that effortlessly combines form with function, this high back model may fit the bill. It is ideal for kids who weigh 40-120 pounds with a height between 44 and 63 inches. As your kid grows, you can easily convert it to a backless booster seat to keep them safer for longer. The quick-adjust headrest can be adjusted to ten different positions to provide comfort over the years.

This booster seat has three layers of side impact protection: a foam-lined headrest, side cushions, and an energy-absorbing shell. Its built-in armrests and plush foam padding ensure your child stays comfortable even when they sit for long periods. We like the leisure-inspired fabric the manufacturer has used; it works well with any vehicle. You can fit three of these booster seats in most vehicles, and there may still be some space left. 

However, if you own a small vehicle like a Kia Stinger, the car seat may be very wobbly and unsafe for your child. It's also important to make sure you choose the exact color you want, as the manufacturer may send the purple one.

A backless booster seat is ideal for a big kid, as it raises them off the vehicle seat, ensuring a better seat belt fit. If you want nothing but the best, get this Graco seat. It is perfect for kids who weigh 40-100 pounds and are 43-57 inches tall. It has undergone a variety of rigorous crash tests and meets U.S. safety standards. It will protect your child on the front, side, and rear—and also during rollover crashes.

This booster car seat is highly rated by many consumer magazines and publications. It comes with all the style and comfort features kids love. Its padded and height-adjustable armrests make it ideal for children of different ages (4-10 years old). Before you begin a road trip, put snacks or toys for your kids in the hide-away cup holders.

The seat's padding is removable and machine-washable. Its plastic and metal parts can be cleaned with mild soap and water. 

However, the booster is made with fabric mesh, which comes apart easily. And unlike most top-rated booster seats, it lacks a latch system. In case of an accident, it may become a hazard and injure someone.


  • Measure your child throughout the year to check if they still fit within the height and weight requirements of the booster seat. If you are using a harness and notice that the child’s shoulders are taller than the adjusters, or if they start complaining of discomfort, it may be time to move on to the backless booster.
  • Booster seats don’t work with cars that only have lap belts. Confirm that shoulder belts can be installed in your car, and if not, you can opt for a forward-facing seat with a harness and higher weight limit.
  • It’s not safe to put your child in a bodysuit or a thick jacket when they are in the booster seat. The seat belt and straps may not fasten firmly around the child, and that can be risky.


Q: Is it safe to install a booster seat in the front seat?

A: Typically, no, since it’s not safe for your child to travel in the front seat. Middle and back seats are safer since they are further from the obvious points of impact in case of a head-on collision.

Q: Are second-hand booster seats safe?

A: Since you won’t know the history of the booster seat, whether it was in another accident or damaged from improper use, it is prudent to go for a brand new booster seat. If price is the issue, you can find quality booster seats that are under $40 and conform to all safety standards.

Q: Should I replace a booster seat that was in the car during an accident?

A: It is recommended that you replace a booster car seat after an accident as it may be weakened. The latch anchoring the booster to the car seat may be loose and, therefore, may not offer your child the same level of protection in case of another accident.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best booster seat is the Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat. It’s made of high-quality materials, has a self-buckle option, is fully adjustable, and conforms to federal safety regulations.

Our budget pick is the Evenflo Big Kid Amp High Back Booster since it’s safe and affordable.