Best Gifts for Car Lovers: Top Picks for the Gearhead in Your Life

Car lovers will go crazy for the gifts on this list

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PUBLISHED ON November 15, 2019

What do you get for someone who already has what they want sitting in the garage? Something to remind them of it, of course. These gifts are perfect for the car lover in your life, as they can spice up their next outing behind the wheel, make the drive more comfortable, or simply broadcast their hobby to the world. Just don’t be mad if your present makes them want to spend even more time with their car.

  • Best Overall
    Ferrari Race Day Watch

    Made with the car company’s iconic colors, this sleek timepiece has been sculpted to remind users of memorable features from the classic Scuderia Ferrari single-seater.


    Stylish enough to be worn as evening attire yet durable enough for everyday wear, it boasts precise quartz chronographs that let you easily determine just how quickly you went from 0 to 60.


    It’s a little on the heavy side, and the lack of an included user’s manual can make learning how to use its various functions frustrating.

  • Best Value
    FORTEM Trunk Organizer

    With two spacious compartments—and the ability to create a third using the removable divide—this organizer offers plenty of room for the gear in your trunk. It comes with removable hardened base plates and folds up when not in use.


    The securing straps have built-in metal hooks, ensuring the bag doesn’t slide around in transit. Stout handles allow you to carry it around without fear of it breaking.


    It has a strong chemical odor out of the bag that takes some time to wear off, so you may not want to keep it inside the cabin. It may not come with straps as promised.

  • Honorable Mention
    Chemical Guys 20-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit

    This product bundle has everything a driver needs to keep his or her car looking clean and polished, including a foam cannon, fabric cleaner, and stain remover.


    The foam cannon and hand mitts can work up an incredible amount of lather, allowing you to quickly knock any accumulated dirt and grime off your car’s exterior.


    You’ll need to be careful with all the parts, as many are made with fragile plastic, which is surprising because they’re not cheap. Also, the products may start to leak after a short period of time.

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  • Not all car nuts are created equal, so take into consideration what you know about the intended recipient before making a purchase. Someone who tools around in a Porsche will likely have very different tastes than a person driving a jacked-up F-150.
  • Ask yourself if the gift recipient is more likely to prefer something for the car itself or an accessory that reminds them of it. If it’s the former, you’ll need to have a pretty good idea of what they already own, so you don’t buy a duplicate accessory or give them something that’s not compatible with their vehicle.
  • If your loved one enjoys performing required maintenance themselves, think about buying them toolsets or other items for the garage. However, if they prefer to outsource all the necessary upkeep, those kinds of gifts are less likely to be appreciated.


Q: What do I do if I don’t know the first thing about cars and want to buy a car gift?

A: If you’re not a gearhead, steer clear of any gifts that require intimate knowledge of the vehicle. Instead, focus on car-related items like apparel, accessories for the interior, or relevant books and other media.

Q: Do I need to know what the intended recipient drives?

A: If the gift you’re considering is only compatible with certain makes and models, yes. But be careful, as this can quickly become confusing. If you feel lost or overwhelmed, it’s better to buy something that isn’t as specific, or you can ask your loved one for that information. Of course, that might spoil the surprise, so be careful.

Q: Should I buy someone a gift if they just got a new car?

A: If you want to, sure. “Car-warming” gifts are becoming more common, and they represent a great opportunity to buy a car lover something they’ll enjoy. It’s less likely that the recipient will have already purchased accessories for a brand-new ride, so car-warming presents make life easier for the gift giver as well.

Final Thoughts

Your loved one will feel like a racecar driver with the Ferrari Race Day Watch strapped to their wrist as it’s stylish, functional, and reminiscent of classic sports cars.

The FORTEM Trunk Organizer is a more functional choice, but it should nevertheless be appreciated as it has plenty of room to help drivers tame the mess inside their vehicles.