Best Dog Seat Belts: The Safest Dog Restraints for Cars

Keep your dog safe and happy in the car with these dog seat belts

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When you have a dog, you may want to take them with you wherever you go. Pet owners love spending time with their pets. Dogs love being in the car with their head out the window and tongues flapping in the breeze; but, what if you get in an accident with your dog in the car? If your dog isn’t properly restrained, even a small accident can put them in serious danger. This article will give you reviews and tips for the safest dog seat belts on the market and help you learn how to properly secure your dog in a car seatbelt.

  • Best Overall
    PAWABOO Dog Safety Harness
    This is a full harness that has a detachable car seat lead. The lead clips directly into your car seat mechanism. It comes in different sizes for both older dogs and puppies.
    This car safety harness comes in multiple sizes, so it is useful for small and large dogs. It is also adjustable to properly fit any size dog. The seat belt clip lead is also detachable, so you can use the harness for walking and day-to-day use. The lead is long enough to allow your dog to sit comfortably in the car.
    The safety belt leads that clips into the car will not work with all vehicles, including some Honda, Kia, and Chevrolet models. If inserted into a car that is not compatible, the seat belt clip could become lodged in the seat belt receiver.
  • Best Value
    Vastar 2 Pack Adjustable Pet Car Seat Belt
    This is a dog seat belt attachment that clips to your dog’s collar or harness. The other end can be inserted into your existing seat belt receiver in your car. It is an adjustable dog seat belt to keep your dog safe and comfortable.
    This safety restraint is made from high-quality nylon, making it durable and strong. The snap has a swivel so your dog can still have some range of motion for comfort. It is adjustable but not long enough for your dog to reach the edge of the seat and fall.
    This restraint will not fit all vehicle seat belt receivers, and in some cases, might fit the front seat but not the rear or vice versa. Buyers need to check their seat belt size before purchasing. This restraint does not include the collar or harness. It may get stuck if inserted into the wrong seat belt receiver.
  • Honorable Mention
    BWOGUE 2 Pack Pet Safety Seat Belt
    This safety belt leash has a clip that attaches to your dog’s collar or harness on one end, and the other end is a loop that you place over your seat headrest. It is an adjustable dog seat belt to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the car.
    This safety belt is easy to install, and you don’t have to worry about having the right seat belt receivers. Simply slip the loop over your headrest and tighten to secure. The nylon is durable but comfortable and has a swivel clip for a range of motion. It is also adjustable to fit dogs of different heights and sizes.
    The high design can be hazardous to your dog if attached to a collar. Although uncommon, if your dog were to slip off the seat, it could be a choking hazard. It is best used with a harness. It is also not meant to be heavily pulled, so might not be suitable as a seat belt for stronger, larger dogs.

Benefits of Dog Seat Belts

  • Secure your dog. Your dog’s safety is important, even more so when riding in a car. Using a dog harness for car travel can help prevent injury if you get in a car accident or even just swerve or brake quickly while driving.
  • Drive distraction-free. Not only can dog seat belts keep your dog safer, but it can also help avoid your dog from distracting you while driving. Many dogs like to try climbing into their owner’s lap or into the front seat while driving, which can be extremely distracting and dangerous. Keeping them restrained with a pet harness can help eliminate these distractions.
  • Keep your dog inside the vehicle. Some dogs like to have the windows down in the car. However, if they see a small animal or something else that excites them, it’s easy for the dog to jump out of an open window. Not only is this very dangerous for your dog, but this could also cause serious problems for other drivers on the road or for people walking with their pets nearby. The seat belt will keep them from harming themselves and others while in the car.

Types of Dog Seat Belts


This is by far the safest dog seat belt option. A harness provides more restraint and will not pose a risk of choking. The harness fits securely on your dog and clips or straps down to the seat.

Leash Attachment: Clip-In

This is the most common form of the dog seat belt. It can clip directly to your dog’s harness or collar. The biggest difference here is that it clips directly into your car’s seat belt receiver for a secure and convenient hold.

Leash Attachment: Loop Strap

This is another restraining leash that clips to your dog’s harness or collar. This type has a loop at the other end that can be fixed to your car seat headrest.

A dog being fastened into a dog car harness

Buckle your dog into a dog seat belt to keep them safe on the go.

Top Brands


Pawaboo is a company that focuses solely on pet products. It produces multiple different products including pet carriers, toys, beds and, of course, seat belts and car seats for pets. Its most popular item on the market is the PAWABOO Dog Safety Harness.


iBuddy is a company specifically created for dog owners. From dog seat belts to training collars, this company has everything dog owners need. Its most popular dog safety product is the iBuddy Dog Seat Belts for Cars of Small/Medium/Large Dogs.

Mighty Paw

Mighty Paw is another company that focuses on items for pets, but its products are more focused on heavy-duty use and sports supplies. This company’s products range from collars and leashes to harnesses and even climbing gear and ropes for dogs. It offers the Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness to keep your dog safe in the car. 

Dog Seat Belt Pricing

  • $5-$7: This price range typically provides a basic leash attachment. It can include the strap that clips to your dog and to your car, which can come in the form of a loop or a seat belt clip.
  • $7-$10: This price range also includes a basic leash attachment, but it is usually better and stronger than the budget options. Some harness seat belts can also be found in this price range.
  • $12 and above: You will likely find more seat belts that come with a harness or collar in this price range. The seat belt design tends to have a restraint that is detachable and clips to a dog collar or harness, with the other end clipping into your car’s seat belt receiver.

Key Features

Fastening Mechanism

Each seat belt comes with some sort of fastening mechanism to secure your dog in the car. This could be in the form of a loop strap or a clip that slides into your standard seat belt receiver. The seat belts that clip into the car’s existing seat belt receiver give a more secure fit. However, these types of dog seat belts are sized to a specific vehicle model and/or seat belt size. They may become jammed in the car’s belt receiver if the wrong size is inserted. Other fasteners are looped around the headset seat. These are not model specific and are easy to install. However, it is not as secure, as a large dog could pull against the seat belt. This style also mounts much higher and could present a choking hazard.

Adjustable Straps

Not everything fits large or small dogs the same, so many seat belts will have adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit on your dog. These straps help to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Some seat belt straps are used to connect to the collar, while others are designed to be used with a harness only. For the most secure fit, straps must be adjusted to the specific size of dog.

Waterproof and Durability

Many owners like to take dogs to parks or places with water for them to swim and play. Many of these seat belts include a waterproof coating that helps them last longer. They are also made with strong materials for extreme durability. This is ideal for car use because the harness can remain on the dog during outings, not just while the dog is in the vehicle. Some seat belts also work as a leash, making a trip easier with one less item to bring.

Other Considerations

  • Dog Size: The fit of your dog’s seat belt is extremely important. If it does not fit properly, it will not work as intended. Whether you’re looking for a car restraint for a small or large dog or a seat belt for a puppy, you need to take your dog’s measurements first. This will help you determine what size of belt to get your dog. Then, you can make smaller adjustments as needed.
  • Car Compatibility: Some car seat belts for dogs include clips that can be inserted into the seat belt receiver. However, many of these only fit specific cars. Be sure to double check the size of your car seat receiver and make sure it will fit the dog seat belt so it doesn’t get stuck.

Best Dog Seat Belt Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Dog Seat Belt Overall: PAWABOO Dog Safety Harness

PAWABOO Dog Safety Harness

Due to the included harness, this dog seat belt ranks as our pick for the best and safest dog harness for cars. The harness is what sets this one apart because it provides a sturdier hold on your dog without the risk of choking. Plus, its adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit so it’s just right for your dog.

This harness comes in multiple sizes, making it perfect for puppies and small/large dog breeds. The material is a sturdy oxford fabric that is reinforced with polyester that is strong enough to withstand excited pups. The harness is high-quality and can withstand any pulling your dog might do while in the car. The stainless steel snap hook is durable and won’t rub against your pup.

What’s nice about this seat belt combo is that the harness can be used outside of the car for daily use. The strap that clips to the seatbelt is removable so you can use your own leash with the harness too. The only downside to the fastening mechanism on this seat belt is that not all car seat receivers are compatible. Some car seat receivers may be too small so the seat belt might not fit. Also, if the seat belt is not compatible with your vehicle, it may become jammed, making it extremely difficult to remove the seat belt.

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Best Value Dog Seat Belt: Vastar 2 Pack Adjustable Pet Car Seat Belt

Vastar 2 Pack Adjustable Pet Car Seat Belt

These durable, nylon seat belt safety leads are a great way to keep your dog safe in the car. The adjustable strap length adjusts to your dog’s unique shape and size. This dog seat belt is comfortable for your pet while also keeping them safe, no matter how big or small they are.

This dog seat belt is designed for comfort in mind. The metal buckles and swivel snap clips will not rub against your dog but are still strong and durable to keep them secure. The swivel also allows your dog a wide range of motion while being securely attached. This dog seat belt is also long enough to accommodate large dogs but is adjustable so you can shorten it for smaller dogs or keep your dog more securely in place.

The downside to this product is that the seat belt clip is not compatible with certain car seat belts. Some of the cars that are not compatible include the Honda Pilot and the Honda CRV, as well as Ford F150s and Rangers. You will have to double check the size of your seat belt receiver to make sure these dog seat belts will fit properly.

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Best Dog Seat Belt Honorable Mention: BWOGUE 2 Pack Pet Safety Seat Belt

BWOGUE 2 Pack Pet Safety Seat Belt

Last but not least, BWOGUE’s dog seat belt is a convenient option to secure your dog in the car. It features a loop at one end that you simply place over your seat headrest and then adjust to tighten it securely into place. The other end has a metal hook that you can fix to your dog’s collar or harness.

This dog seat belt is made of durable nylon and anti-rust metal that will help it last through multiple uses. The snap has a swivel to allow your dog to move around comfortably without getting tangled or strained. This harness can easily double as a standard leash. All you have to do is slip the loop of the headrest and that loop becomes the leash handle. It is also fully adjustable to make sure any size dog is comfortable.

Unfortunately, it can be a choking hazard to use this seat belt with a standard collar. It is much safer to attach it to a harness to protect your dog from injury. Also, it was not built for very large or strong dogs so you may need to use two straps for a secure hold.

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  • Be sure to adjust the straps to fit your dog properly. They should be tight but not too restricting. The strap that attaches to the seat should be long enough to allow your dog to move around comfortably, but not reach the front seat.
  • Do not allow your dog to wear the seat belt without it being clipped securely to the seat. The strap could get caught and cause injury if your dog were to jump out. To remove your dog from the seat belt, detach it on the end that hooks to your dog, not to the seat.
  • Try to avoid fastening these seat belts to a collar. This can be a choking hazard. Attach the seat belt to a harness instead.
  • If your dog is very strong, consider using two seat belt straps. Many of these come in packs of two, which can provide a stronger hold for your dog.


Q: How do I measure my dog for a seat belt harness?

A: You should take three measurements when measuring your dog for a harness: the length of the back from the base of the head to the start of the tail, around the chest, and around the neck. You can then use sizing charts to help you determine the size you need.

Q: What if my dog is afraid of the seat belt?

A: Dogs can sometimes be nervous when introduced to something new. Introduce your dog to the seat belt or harness in your home where they feel safe. Reward them with treats while wearing it so they associate the treats and positive reinforcement with the seat belt.

Q: Can I use multiple seat belts for multiple dogs?

A: Yes, you can use as many seat belts as your car will allow. Just make sure each seat belt is attached to a separate seat so your dogs don’t get them tangled.

Final Thoughts

Taking your dog in the car with you don’t have to be dangerous. Dog seat belts can make car rides enjoyable for both you and your pup. 

Our top pick for the best dog seat belt is the PAWABOO Dog Safety Harness. It is easy to use and safe for any dog while giving you peace of mind.

For a less expensive alternative, you should consider the Vastar 2 Pack Adjustable Pet Car Seat Belt.

Do you use a dog seat belt? Let us know what kind you use in the comments below!