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Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves: Stay Cool While Protecting Your Hands

These top summer motorcycle gloves are breathable, comfortable, and stylish.

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BYKara Snow/ LAST UPDATED ON March 18, 2022

What’s less comfortable to ride in, excessive cold or heat? An argument could be made against either extreme. The best way to guard yourself against the elements is with the proper gear. Heated gauntlet gloves might be just the thing in a blustery chill, but they’re downright stifling when the sun comes out.

For the summertime, you need a pair of motorcycle gloves that are ventilated, breathable, and suited for hot, sticky afternoons. If you're looking for the best summer motorcycle gloves, check out some of the top options in our guide.

Best Overall

Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Mens Motorcycle Gloves


These gloves are lightweight with molded hard knuckle protection for strength and durability. They are nylon and leather with 3D-mesh inserts on the top of the hand to enable air flow.

  • Thumb and palm reinforced 
  • Thick, tough, breathable, comfortable, and stylish
  • True to size
  • May stain your hands
  • Velcro on the wrist may pop off 
  • Gloves may also tear after a short period of time
Best Value

Icon Twenty-Niner CE Gloves


The gloves are made of Hi-flow mesh and Ax Suede Laredo material. They have a TPR hook and loop wrist closure.

  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Palm and fingers are pre-curved for comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • No protective armor
  • No padding in the palms
  • Thumb short for some people
Honorable Mention

Milwaukee Men's Summer Cruising Gloves


These gloves are made of a soft, thin premium leather and are infused with a gel-padded palm for comfort. The cuffs have an adjustable Velcro closure to ensure proper fit.

  • Very comfortable
  • Good protection against road rash 
  • Easy to use your bike's hand controls with them on
  • May get slippery
  • Color may run 
  • Velcro may lose some of its stickiness
Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves: Stay Cool While Protecting Your Hands

Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The SMX-1 Air gloves are lightweight, touchscreen compatible, and feature molded hard knuckle protection for strength and durability. They are made of nylon and heavy-duty goatskin leather with mesh inserts on the top of the hand to enable airflow. Suede reinforcements are paired with foam cushioning for abrasion resistance.

One great feature about these gloves is that the thumb and palm are reinforced for protection and durability without compromising grip control. The stretch material between the palm and thumb is great for hitting all the controls without binding up. They are ideal summer riding gloves because the air flows through them. Overall, they're thick, tough, breathable, comfortable, stylish, and true to size.

One problem with these gloves is they may stain your hands if you sweat or if it rains. In addition, the Velcro on the wrist may pop off if you move your wrist too quickly. There have also been some complaints that the gloves, particularly the stitching, wear out or tear after a short period of use.

If you want simple yet effective and affordable gloves, consider the Icon Twenty-Niner CE Gloves. These budget-friendly gloves feature a lot of ventilation, so your hands won't drip with sweat. The backs of the gloves are made of Hi-flow mesh, and the palm has an Ax Suede Laredo material. The palm and fingers are pre-curved for comfort, and the cuffs feature a TPR hook and loop wrist closure. The gloves  are comfortable, the middle area is bendable, and the knuckles feature air scoops for breathability. They're also lighter weight than many other brands. One of the best things about them is that they don't fold or bind when you're on the throttle. Users also report that they're long lasting, and you don't need to break them in. 

These gloves don't include any protective armor, and the thumb may be a little short for some users. There's also no padding in the palms.

These gloves are made of a soft, thin, premium leather, making them ideal for summer riding. They are also infused with gel-padded palms for comfort. They provide a nice grip and resist friction and also have adjustable Velcro closures on the cuffs so you can ensure proper fit.

The Milwaukee leather gloves are some of the most comfortable on the market. The gel palms absorb vibrations, which helps with fatigue, and they provide good protection against road rash should you become involved in an accident. Overall, they are well constructed, and it's relatively easy to use your bike's hand controls when wearing them.

One downside is that these summer gloves may get slippery when it rains unless you coat the surface with a waterproofing product. Also, the color may run when they’re wet and temporarily stain your hands. In addition, there have been some complaints that the Velcro closure loses its stickiness over a short period of time, and the stitching easily comes apart. 

The Dainese Blackjack Gloves are popular with riders for good reason. Motorcyclists love the Italian design and high-quality goatskin leather construction. Available in black or brown, they are stylish and functional. The gloves are ideal for spring and summer riding when temperatures rise. Features include pre-curved fingers that are perforated for ventilation, leather palm reinforcements, an adjustable cuff, and soft inserts on the knuckles and back. They are comfortable, flexible, easy to put on and take off, and don't slip. They're soft yet protective, and the stitching is high quality. 

One drawback is that the finger length tends to run a bit on the longer side. Also, they are slightly bulky, so you may lose some feel for the throttle when making fine adjustments. They also don't have touchscreen capability.

The Klim Induction Gloves are noteworthy for their airflow and protective features. You may spend a bit more on these gloves compared to some other options, but the features make them a worthy investment. They have a Kwik Access Dual Adjustment entry that makes them easy to put on and off. Made of goat leather, they feature a zipper and Velcro closure and a pull-on tab for convenience. They're perforated for ventilation, include a carbon fiber hard-knuckle protector, and the palm is reinforced with a DuPont Kevlar material. The gloves have touchscreen capability, accordion stretch elements on the back of the hand, and an index finger visor wiper. Many riders wear these from early spring through late fall because they're comfortable and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. 

One downside is the zippers may come undone as you're riding. Also, the touchscreen capability is hit or miss.

The Rev-It Fly 3 Gloves are made with a perforated goat leather outer shell and a polyester lining. Their construction provides plenty of airflow and excellent tactile feedback. They feature low-profile hard shell knuckle protectors and a Temperfoam and PWR|shield in the palm that is abrasion-resistant and protects your hands during an impact. The gloves also have an adjustable hook and loop closure. The finger articulation is very good because the leather is soft and flexible, and once you break them in, they're very comfortable. 

One drawback is the thumb may be a little short for some people. Many users also complain that they run a little small so you may need to order a size up, but they also stretch a bit after use, so that's something to keep in mind.

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Our pick for the top summer motorcycle gloves is the Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Mens Motorcycle Gloves. They are lightweight, provide good grip control, and are comfortable and breathable. If you want a more budget-friendly pick, consider the Icon Twenty-Niner CE Gloves.

What to Consider When Buying Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Short-Cuff Versus Gauntlet 

For enhanced ventilation, short-cuff motorcycle gloves will do the job. They will make your hands feel cooler and provide slightly more mobility than gauntlet (full-cuff) gloves. Short-cuff gloves, however, offer slightly less protection than gauntlet motorcycle gloves. Fortunately, many motorcycle jackets will cover the area of your wrist that isn't protected by a short-cuff glove. 

Key Features


Summer bike gloves are much different than winter motorcycle gloves. They are rather lightweight and are typically designed with a softer material. Vented motorcycle gloves are particularly lightweight and are more flexible than winter ones, which tend to be heavier and bulkier.


Size and fit are extremely important when it comes to selecting the best summer motorcycle gloves. If they are too big, they may prevent you from properly gripping the handlebars and pulling the brake and clutch levers. If they are too small, they will be uncomfortable and may tear.


  • To make sure your motorcycle gloves fit properly, measure your hands and make sure to match up the measurements with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  • Velcro closures enable you to adjust the size of the gloves to your wrist. Make sure your gloves are loose enough so you can move your fingers easily, but tight enough to securely use the controls on your bike.
  • You need more than gloves to ensure that you're fully protected on your motorcycle. Be sure to pair them with a high-quality helmet, jacket, and boots.


Q: Can I get a touchscreen-compatible pair of motorcycle gloves?

Yes, some of the best motorcycle gloves are touchscreen compatible. Just be aware that on some brands only the pointer finger can manipulate touchscreens on electronic devices.

Q: Are all summer motorcycle gloves waterproof?

No. Some brands may repel rain and are water resistant, but they aren't necessarily waterproof unless it’s stated in the product description.

Q: If my motorcycle gloves are too small, will they stretch out over time?

It depends on the glove's material. Some summer leather motorcycle gloves will stretch slightly the more you wear them. However, it's best to select the proper size when you make a purchase in case they do not expand over time.