Best Motocross Knee Braces: Protect Your Joints off Road

Motocross knee braces are necessities, so here are some comfortable options

byDaniel Rika, Jason Collins, Linsay Thomas| UPDATED May 26, 2021 9:19 AM
Best Motocross Knee Braces: Protect Your Joints off Road

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BYDaniel Rika, Jason Collins, Linsay Thomas/ LAST UPDATED ON May 26, 2021

Motocross is a dangerous sport that requires proper equipment. Knee braces protect the knees and specifically target areas such as the shins, patella, joints, and ligaments. Here is our buying guide for the best motocross knee braces available.

Best Overall
Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards

Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards


These knee guards are widely popular among motorists because they provide full knee coverage for optimal safety. The product is made from high-density polyethylene, yet maintains a light and flexible form that can be worn both over and under riding pants.

  • Material is designed so that it fits in a way that provides mobility at the joints
  • This brace is full coverage from every angle and position and adjusts to the body’s natural movements


  • Because the material is full coverage and impact tested for maximum protection, the excessive inner padding makes the braces bulky, which sometimes prevents proper ventilation
Best Value

Fox Racing Titan Sport Knee/Shin Guard


These knee and shin guards keep your knees protected on a budget. Featuring a one-time adjust posi-lock system, they are sure to stay in place.

  • These braces are convenient because of the one-time adjustment system 
  • Once the Velcro is adjusted to fit the size of your leg, the rest of the fittings will be a simple strap-and-go with no need to adjust again
  • Tight adjustment does not come at the expense of comfort
  • These braces feature a soft vented bio-foam chassis to keep cool
  • These braces are only meant to be protective in the standing position
  • They lack protection towards the top of the knee, leaving a gap between the brace and the knee, which allows for debris to fall in
Honorable Mention

Alpinestars SX-1 Motorcycle Knee Guard


The Alpinestars knee guards feature a polymeric material blend that provides both comfort and durability. Other features include a dual-pivot hinge system for maximum mobility, specialized patella cups, and a thermoformed inner lining for maximum comfort.

  • Knee guards are well-structured and made of good, long-lasting material. 
  • Lining allows for ventilation to prevent the braces from getting too hot
  • Braces are also easily removable due to the quick-release clasps, yet they are solid so they won’t go anywhere

  • Quick-release clasps are easy to remove, but they can be too easily removed if not adjusted properly. 
  • System is not made from Velcro, so it is very important to adjust it properly the first time. Otherwise, they may slip down your leg

Benefits of Motocross Knee Braces

  • Prevent knee injuries. Knee braces were once thought of as an injury treatment, but now, they are also problem solvers. These devices can treat already damaged knees, but they can erase almost completely the possibility of future problems, like injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
  • Provide movement. The companies that make these devices have developed formulas to make the braces fit your needs. When worn correctly, these braces offer freedom of movement. They are made to be light, comfortable, and flexible.
  • Diversity. There are a wide variety of braces that can suit your knee shape. There are also some that don’t work as well. You need to do your research before picking the right one, since this is going to determine your performance.

Types of Motocross Knee Braces

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This is a type of knee brace that works as a preventive mechanism on the knee. This type of device is very helpful to lower the risk of injury and provides a high level of security in such a dangerous sport as motocross. This is one of the recommendations to people who practice motocross on dirt bikes and have never suffered from an injury. There’s a high margin of effectiveness when it comes to preventive injuries with this device, according to many studies by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.


Functional knee braces help to protect the knee after a previous ACL injury. The key feature of this type of knee brace is that it limits the rotation to the hurt knee. It also works for individuals with osteoarthritis and severe knee problems to help prevent or treat any possible damage on knees with weak bones.


This kind of knee brace is a protective one to the reconstructed knee after injury or surgery. This device restricts all undesired motion to the knee and helps to rebuild the interior. This type of brace helps if you’re also doing physical therapy.

Top Brands


This company first started in 2001 as Chris Leatt’s son started to design the first prototypes for safety devices. But it wasn’t until 2008 that Leatt Lab was founded. This company creates many motorcycle and dirt bike safety devices, including helmets, neck braces, and knee braces. Their head office is located in South Africa but sells worldwide. They have the best knee brace overall.


Geoff Maloney founded POD Active in 2005, and it’s based in Australia. POD Active focuses on knee joint protection. The company has worked with professionals to create one of the best knee braces. Be sure to check out their products like the POD K4014-595 brace.

EVS Sports

EVS Sports is a company that sells all safety gear and equipment for motocross as well as clothing. The company was founded in 1985 and is located in California. EVS also makes street gear. They are one of the leaders in joint protection technology. They have many top products, like the EVS Axis Pro Knee Brace


Alpinestars is a well-known manufacturer that creates racing products, including the safety gear line of motocross as well. Alpinestars was founded in 1963 in Italy, where it is headquartered. It has a variety of products that any adrenaline fan would love, including this Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Fluid Pro Knee Brace Set.

Motocross Knee Brace Pricing

  • $25-$130: This price range can stabilize the leg and provide ventilation as well as impact protection. You can find an interior resistant sponge and adjustable straps. It’s usually a one-size product that provides natural movement to the leg.
  • $130-$300: At this point, you can find a high-quality pro knee brace that adjusts to your knee shape and that is more bendable. It is lightweight and medically certified with lab tests. These braces provide natural motion to the leg.
  • $300 and up: You can find a product for professionals and all the features your knee might need. You get impact protection in specific points for fracture prevention. They are often made of carbon fiber and have added comfort with additional sleeves.

Key Features

Natural Feel

Most pro knee braces offer the poly-axial hinge that mimics the knee’s motion, which gives a natural feeling of movement. This is important for the athlete and their freedom of movement when using knee braces in motocross. The leg still feels natural despite having a great deal of protection and knee caps over it.

Front protection

This is the most important feature for a pro knee brace to have. The knee has to be protected entirely. There are many braces that offer double knee cups for extra protection. You can have a solid frame to cover the top and bottom of the knee and joints; these are the parts of the leg that need more protection.


Straps are the main features to have. They are the parts that hold the whole brace to the leg. You have to find at least two straps in your knee brace to be sure that it won’t move as the body moves. They give the necessary support to the cups, cuffs, frames, and all the other parts of the brace. This is an important feature that will influence off-road performance.


Last but not least is comfort. This is a must in motocross pro knee braces. If you are not comfortable with the knee brace that you bought, it’s not the right one. This is very important because it affects the possibility of injury. Cushion pads will keep your knee comfortable. 

Other Considerations

  • Don’t Expect Miracles. Many people think that when wearing this product, the knee is untouchable and invincible. The truth is you have to still be careful with the range of motion. While knee braces are very helpful, they don’t do all the work, so don’t rely on them entirely.
  • Injury Prevention. While some people believe knee braces are only to help previous knee injuries, studies have proven otherwise. Prophylactic knee braces are the ones that provide injury prevention. Whether or not you’ve had knee problems before, this is still one main recommendation for dirt bike racers. Knee braces are very helpful for any motocross rider out there.
  • Investment. Compare knee braces to surgery, and knee treatment doesn’t look so expensive anymore, since medical bills can become a financial problem. A knee brace may seem expensive and unnecessary, but in the end, it’s a solution for future issues. Don’t think about it as an expense but as an investment.

Best Motocross Knee Braces Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This Leatt knee brace is one of the best on the market. It is impact tested and CE certified. It is also light and comfortable at only 1.9 pounds per pair. Its slim design allows these braces to be used over or under riding pants.

These braces provide top-notch security to the knees, with full coverage and polyethylene material. They allow bendiness and flexibility and have all the key features that a knee brace must have. This includes the hinge that gives that natural feeling to the leg, providing movement with a wide range of motion. The braces cover most of the upper and lower leg without limiting motion, which gives a huge advantage to dirt bike racers.

However, these braces have a quilted interior. They can feel bulky, which may be uncomfortable and hinder riding performance.

The main feature of this Fox Racing knee brace is the adjust-and-go system. You just put all the straps on, and the rest is easy because they have elasticity. Once the Velcro is adjusted to fit the size of your leg, you won’t need to adjust this brace again. This makes the brace very convenient.

While the adjustment is tight, that does not make it uncomfortable. The brace has a bio-foam case, so it’s flexible and more comfortable. It stays where it needs to and protects the knee from hyperextension. All of this comes at a great value.

The only negative of the product is its lack of protection in the upper part of the knee. That’s why it’s only intended to be worn in a standing position.

This knee brace is a great option if you have a bigger budget, as it features many great characteristics that protect the knee at all costs. It is CE certified and has a chassis built with polymeric and long-lasting materials. It is lightweight and flexible and offers protection points. The ventilation system keeps your knees cool and comfortable.

The brace also features an integrated hinge, which makes your knees feel natural while in motion. The brace is also easy to remove.

The biggest downside occurs when adjusting the brace. There is no Velcro, so you must be careful to adjust the brace properly the first time. Otherwise, there is a concern that the brace will fall down the leg.

For a stylish and durable motocross knee brace, this product from Mobius is an excellent choice. It comes in small, medium, or large; it also comes in two different color schemes—white and yellow or storm gray and crimson. It has a hook-and-loop closure which is fairly straightforward to operate. Its Continuous Cable Routing System allows you to adjust the fit with a dial to ensure top comfort. Its EVA foam and rubber internal padding make sure any impacts are easily absorbed. The way this knee brace is designed is to ensure that no matter how far your leg is bent, there will be no gaps. In addition to protecting your knee, it also helps to strengthen the joint. It is also easy to put on and feels quite comfortable for all your sporting activities. 

It is not a cheap product, but when it comes to things like protecting and strengthening your knee, a higher price usually means better quality. It weighs four pounds, so it’s not necessarily a lightweight product considering its placement, but it is certainly hardy and high-quality.

If you are looking for a motocross knee brace that is a bit more affordable, then EVS Sports is where to look. With a fun black and red design, it’s sleek and practical. The upper and lower cuffs are made of reinforced nylon, and its adjustable hypertension lock-outs allow you to customize the fit. The hinges and overall construction is designed to be lightweight and easy to move with you. It weighs only 14.1 ounces. 

It comes in only small or medium sizes, so if you are a larger person then this may not fit right for you. This doesn’t necessarily feel the most comfortable to wear. There are reported issues with chafing, bulk, and it moving up and down slightly. If you intend to use this for other sporting activities, it is not the most comfortable to run in given that it can limit your movement. However, for a price that is cheaper than most competitors, it is a good all-around deal.


  • Consider where you will be riding. For example, some knee braces are great for sand dunes, but not recommended to be worn on the streets. This is important because if you plan on riding on the streets after motocross events, not all braces are cut out for the terrain.
  • These products come in various sizes, and some are “one size fits most.” If you know you are smaller or larger compared to the average person, consider a brace that is strongly enforced with Velcro or other adjustment systems. 
  • Some braces are only meant to be used while standing or riding and do not provide great mobility doing other activities. 


Q: Do I wear motocross knee braces over or under my riding pants?

That is a personal preference. If your knee braces have a gap at the top and you are riding on rocky or sandy terrain, wear them under your pants for more protection. 

Q: How do I stop my knee braces from getting hot?

It can be difficult to prevent your legs from sweating while wearing knee braces. However, there are many braces with specialized ventilation systems. There are also many braces with convenient strap-on systems that allow you to take the braces off when not in use. 

Q: Will knee braces scratch the fuel tank of my bike? 

This depends on the design of the knee brace. Some knee braces are designed to be solid around the hinge and exterior, and some have an excess inner lining that spills towards the outside, which can protect the bike. If your braces have a solid hinge, you may want to wear them under your pants to prevent scratching. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for motocross knee braces is the Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards. They are the best combination of comfort, durability, and convenience.

A more budget-friendly option is the Fox Racing Titan Sport Knee/Shin Guard.