Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks: Protect What Protects You

Invest in a motorcycle helmet lock made of high-quality, durable materials

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BYDaniel Rika, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON June 4, 2021

Carrying a motorcycle helmet after you get off your bike is annoying. You need somewhere safe and secure to leave it while you run errands. A motorcycle helmet lock is one of the most secure ways to lock down your helmet when you’re not around. It allows you to easily attach it to your bike and walk away without a second thought. If you need a helmet lock, here are a few to consider.

Best Overall
Kuryakyn 4232 Tamper-Proof Helmet Security Lock

Kuryakyn 4232 Tamper-Proof Helmet Security Lock


This motorcycle helmet lock secures your helmet to your bike with lock clamps. It has tamper-proof screws and comes with one lock assembly, two screws, and two keys. 

  • This lock is low-profile and is small enough to fit into a lot of places. This makes it widely compatible with several types of bikes. 
  • It gives you the freedom to install it on any tube located on your bike. 
  • The chrome finish means it will blend in and match the look of your bike.
  • It only fits specific sized tubes, so buy the wrong lock, and it won’t work. 
  • It’s a bit of a pain to work the lock because you need both hands
Best Value

Motorcycle Helmet Lock by Master Lock


Master Lock understands how to make a high-quality lock, and its motorcycle helmet lock is robust and durable.

  • It can reach up to 3 feet and includes a 14-inch-long vinyl covered cable with a 5mm cable diameter for added security. 
  • A plastic lock cover protects the helmet from being scratched. 
  • It also comes with a dead-locking mechanism to prevent forcing the lock open.
  • It comes with keys, so you need a place to put them so you don’t lose them. 
  • The loop is short, and the keyholes can be difficult to operate
Honorable Mention

Helmetlok Carabiner Style Helmet Lock


This lock features a four-digit programmable locking mechanism. It comes with a T-bar extension and quick-release buckle.

  • Easy to store in your saddlebag or pocket
  • You can mount this lock virtually anywhere on your bike
  • Won’t scratch or damage your motorcycle
  • Easy to operate
  • Not a universal fit and won’t work with all helmets, such as Shoei
  • If you have large hands, the barrel can be tough to operate

Benefits of Motorcycle Helmet Locks

  • Leave your helmet behind. When you ride a motorcycle, you don't have a lot of storage space. The last thing you want to do when you get off the bike is to carry your helmet around.
  • Protect your investment. Some helmets are really expensive and very tempting to thieves. The best helmet locks for bikers will dissuade criminals from stealing your equipment, which in turn gives you peace of mind.
  • Inexpensive. Universal motorcycle helmet locks are very affordable. Plus, they protect your expensive gear, which is more than worth the price of the lock itself.

Types of Motorcycle Helmet Locks


This type of lock features a cord that is usually encased in rubber. The cord wraps around your helmet and another part of your bike to keep your helmet securely in place. Corded helmet locks can have either a combination or be accessed with a key. The cable hangs loose, so it should be stored or tucked away when the bike is in motion so it doesn't damage any parts. One benefit is that the lock is very versatile, particularly if the cord is long.


Motorcycle helmet bolt locks are permanently installed on your bike. They are usually cylindrical and require a key for operation. They can be installed on several areas of your bike, such as the engine guard or frame tube, so they’re quite versatile. They are small and don't take much effort to set up. However, they're not necessarily an attractive addition to your machine.

License Plate

License plate helmet locks are installed behind a license plate holder and are designed to be invisible to the casual observer. This is important if you want a permanent lock but don't want to ruin your bike's aesthetics. They're made of strong metal and are tough for thieves to access, particularly compared to cheap motorcycle helmet locks. License plate locks are also simple to install.


A handlebar helmet lock is highly visible on your bike. Its purpose is obvious, and this type of lock is designed with style in mind because it's prominently displayed on your machine. The metal on a motorcycle handlebar helmet lock is typically painted or polished. It is usually a universal fit.

Top Brands

Master Lock

Master Lock, headquartered in Oak Creek, Wis., was founded in 1921. The company targets its products towards a wide variety of users, including individuals and commercial and industrial parties. Master Lock is the largest padlock manufacturer in the world. One top product is the Motorcycle Helmet Lock by Master Lock.

Biker’s Choice

Biker's Choice, based in Fort Worth, Texas, started out as NEMPCO (New England Motor Parts Company) in the early 1970s before changing its name in 1998. The company manufactures parts, apparel, and accessories for American motorcycles and is run by "dedicated, lifelong bikers." One popular product is the Biker's Choice Helmet Lock.


Kuryakyn, based in Somerset, Wis., has been producing aftermarket parts and accessories for the motorcycle industry for nearly 30 years. In addition to helmet locks, it manufactures peg and foot controls, storage covers, and performance parts. One of its top locks is the Kuryakyn Motorcycle Accessory: License Plate Helmet Security Lock.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Pricing

  • $10 to $25: Many motorcycle helmet locks fall within this price range. You can get a good-quality lock that will adequately secure your gear. However, the locks aren’t necessarily 100 percent tamperproof. 
  • $25 and up: Some locks cost upwards of $50, depending on their design. Many of these locks are permanent in nature and may provide slightly superior protection compared to their less expensive counterparts.

Key Features


The best bike helmet locks are made of strong and durable materials. Ideally, the device should be constructed of heavy-duty metal, particularly steel that is heat-treated or has extra strengthening properties. The harder the steel, the tougher it will be for thieves to tamper with it. Just keep in mind that the stronger the steel, the more expensive the lock.


The best helmet locks for motorcycles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before making a purchase, you need to decide where you're going to store the lock when it's not in use (if it’s a portable helmet lock). Some locks are smaller and easier to carry and can fit in your pocket, while others may be too bulky to carry around.

Other Considerations

  • Cable Length. When it comes to corded locks, there are sometimes complaints from users that the cord is not as long as they would like. Sometimes even just an extra inch or two can make a difference when it comes to comfortably securing a helmet to your motorcycle. Make sure the cord meets your needs before making a purchase.
  • Convenience. Some helmet locks are easier to use than others. First, you want a lock that is easy to install, regardless of whether it's a permanent lock or a portable one. Second, you need a lock that is user friendly. It should be easy to open and close to remove and affix your helmet.
  • Weatherproof. If you ride your motorcycle in all types of weather, there's a good chance that your helmet lock will also be exposed to varying conditions. Some bike locks are more weather-resistant than others. Look for devices with a PVC coating or other qualities that make it more durable.

Best Motorcycle Helmets Lock Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This chrome helmet lock will mount on any tube on your bike. It uses two tamper-proof screws to attach the lock. It also comes with two keys. 

This lock is low-profile, so it won’t take up a ton of room or be bulky on your bike’s tubing. The chrome finish gives it a beautiful look and will help it to blend in with the rest of your bike. 

Unfortunately, this lock only fits a specific size of tube. This means you’ll need to measure your tube and buy the right size, or the lock won’t work right. The lock also requires both hands to lock and unlock, which can be a pain.

Master Lock knows how to make a high-quality lock, and this motorcycle helmet lock is robust and durable. It features a four-pin tumbler, and a thief would need heavy-duty bolt cutters in order to break the lock and steal your helmet. The lock is also small enough to store in spaces such as underneath a small seat compartment on your bike.

The lock is easy to open and close when you want to access your helmet. It can reach up to three feet and includes a 14-inch vinyl covered cable with a 5 mm cable diameter for added security. A plastic lock cover protects your helmet from being scratched. The device also comes with a dead-locking mechanism to prevent someone from forcing the lock open.

Since the lock comes with keys, you need to keep track of them so you don’t lose them. Also, the loop is a little short in length, and the keyholes can be difficult to operate. In addition, the packaging says it's a gun lock, not a helmet lock.

We like the Helmetlok Carabiner Style Helmet Lock because you can easily store it in a saddlebag, a pocket, or on your belt loop, and it's quick and easy to lock your helmet to your bike. It features a four-digit programmable locking mechanism, and you can mount it virtually anywhere on your bike.

The lock has an arm that pivots outwards when open, so you can attach it to the handlebars, frame, grab rails, or anything else that is 1.5 inches wide. The lock is constructed of weather-resistant zinc alloy, while the carabiner is aluminum with a protective coating that won't damage your bike. The set up includes a T-bar extension with a quick-release buckle, which is helpful if you have a helmet with a D-ring strap. Overall, the lock is easy to operate, and the carabiner is big enough to attach to multiple locations on your bike.

One downside is that it does not fit the ratchet system on a Shoei helmet because the T-bar is too thick. It can also be difficult to spin the numbers if you have large hands.

The BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock is universal in nature and design. It is built with a self-coiling braided steel cable that is capable of stretching up to six feet long. That cabling makes it able to stretch around the bike so you can mount the helmet nearly anywhere, whether it’s on the seat or the bumper. Perhaps the best feature is the protective rubberized sleeve that connects to the helmet. Its rubber design allows it to be placed on the bike without scratching or harming the paint. The helmet lock also includes a secure pin-locking carabiner with over 1,000 possible combinations to keep your helmet safe. It’s easy to set up and compact enough to store in a pocket or bike bag as well.

The one main issue you may come across is when dealing with the numbers. They are so small that they can be nearly impossible to read if you aren’t up close to them. This can also make it difficult to maneuver at night. The combination numbers may also be a bit loose to the touch.

Kuryakyn already has a prominent place on this list, and the Kuryakyn Motorcycle License Plate Helmet Lock is another great choice. It mounts securely to the rear license plate frame so you can easily place your helmet on it out of the way. One of its best aspects is the tamper-proof screws that help beef up security just a bit more. One of the greatest features of the helmet lock is its universal fit. The lock is designed to work with most flat license plate brackets so you don’t have to fuss around with looking for the perfect lock for your bike. It’s also lightweight, secure, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. You won’t need a bag when you unlock the helmet.

The price is on the higher side. You may also find that larger helmets might not fit properly when mounted. It can interfere with the turn signals or kickstand. 


  • For combination code locks, make sure you write down or choose a code you can easily remember. If you forget it, you may be forced to cut through the lock to get to your helmet.
  • Avoid choosing combination codes that are birthdays, anniversaries, or important dates. They may be easier to remember, but they are also easier to guess.
  • For extra protection, park your motorcycle in a well-lit and frequently visited area. Locks are not a permanent solution, and if a thief wants the helmet badly enough, he or she will try to get away with it.


Q: Where can I store a helmet lock while riding?

Most locks are small and compact enough that you can store one in a saddle bag or leave it on the motorcycle while you ride. However, if you put it on the frame, rack, or handlebars, make sure it is secured tightly and does not drag or hang from the motorcycle.

Q: Can another helmet lock key be used to open mine?

Each device should be keyed differently to help prevent anyone with a similar device from unlocking another’s person’s lock.

Q: Can a helmet lock be used to lock multiple helmets?

Only some will be long enough or robust enough to do this. To efficiently lock down multiple helmets, find a lock with a longer cable.

Q: What do I do if I lose a helmet lock key?

Most helmet locks come with a spare key. If you misplace both sets, call a locksmith to open the lock. If that doesn’t work, you may need to break the lock to remove the helmet. You can, however, contact the manufacturer to see if it makes replacement keys for your specific model lock.

Final Thoughts

For a secure helmet lock that keeps your gear in place, consider the Kuryakyn 4232 Tamper-Proof Helmet Security Lock

Or save some money and check out the Motorcycle Helmet Lock by Master Lock for its sturdy and reliable locking mechanism.

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