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The Motorcycle Helmet Gadget to Replace All Others

Mohawk 8-in-1 looks seriously smart.

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Maybe it’s maturity. Maybe it’s narcissism. It seems like no matter the ride, I’m adding more gear. A GPS transponder for safety. A helmet-cam for video. I’ll record data for better track times, or add a communications system to talk to teammates during endurance events. Sometimes these things will happen all at once.

Which is why the Mohawk is so damned clever. Currently seeking funding at Indiegogo, the little gadget rides atop your helmet, providing all those services and a few more. Group communications are possible via a cloud-based push-to-talk system and your Android or iOS phone. Using a wrist or handlebar control removes all the hassle of turning the camera on and off, and when something interesting happens, just push a button; the camera is able to snap up the last 15 seconds of footage, regardless of whether it was recording or not, and push the clip straight to social media.

Which is, of course, the very image of narcissism. But now, it comes with the excuse of eight other tools and that maturity we were talking about.


Chris Cantle

West Coast Editor

Honorary laboratory rat Chris Cantle represents The Drive from his home state of California. He is a keen motorcyclist, experimenter in fringe motorsports and an NSAID enthusiast. He cut his teeth with Cycle World and Road & Track as a writer, photographer and video producer before making Time Inc. his home.