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Runaway Motorcycle Takes Out Rider Trying to Save It

Much like children, sometimes you just have to let motorcycles fall down on their own.

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The saying “No good deed goes unpunished” seems extremely applicable in this situation. The video below shows a rolling crowd of bikers going out for a leisurely ride when everything takes an almost comedic turn into some sort of road rash party.

The video picks up when a rider, approximately 50 yards from the videographer, falls off his bike, but the bike continues on riderless for a few hundred yards. In an attempt to try and stop the motorcycle, several rides speed up to catch the runaway bike. One rider grabs the right side of the handlebar and tries to slow down the bike, but fails to bring it to a stop. The rider has to let go almost immediately—but by grabbing the bike, he caused the runaway motorcycle to lose its balance and in return the bike decided to claim one more victim. As the rider attempts to regain control of his own bike, the runaway bike slams into him, causing him to crash to the ground.

The moral of the story: Next time you see your buddy’s bike runaway down the road, leave it.