Watch the Awkward Moment an Uber Driver Accidentally Picks Up a Sex Worker

"Hey, you having fun?"

An Uber driver sees a lot of people in a shift. Who has time to establish a relationship with a potential passenger before he or she enter the vehicle? As this video shows, a little meet and greet before the fare could have avoided a lot of awkward interplay for this Australian Uber driver and his somewhat confused fare.

The video starts off with a friendly Uber driver picking up a girl allegedly named Chelsea. The driver cheerfully says, “Hey Chelsea! How are you doing, honey?” To which she replies, “Heyyyyyyyyyyy,” as they slowly go on their way. The driver starts in with a little chitchat, the kind you often endure in the first few minutes of an Uber ride. 

The passenger asks, “Having a good time?” and it gets increasingly awkward, from there on out.  

Eventually, the driver asks “Chelsea” what she does for a living, to which she calmly replies, basically, “I’m a sex worker.” The best part of the video is the driver’s calm reply of, “Ahhh, cool. Nice.” Several seconds later he figures out Chelsea isn’t looking for a ride—or maybe she is, if you know what I mean.

Once they realize the mistake, he pulls over. No harm, no foul. The real Chelsea calls in the last few seconds of the video. Overall, exactly what you want from the internet.