Watch a Range Rover Flip Over During a Sad J-Turn Attempt

Maybe don’t try high-speed, evasive maneuvers in reverse in your top-heavy SUV.

byAaron Brown|
Land Rover News photo


Attempting evasive maneuvers in top-heavy SUVs usually isn't a great idea. In fact, as we've seen with the famous Jeep Grand Cherokee moose test, those moves can sometimes end in nearly flipping the SUVs over, or other times, actually sending the vehicle on its top or side. In a clip shared on the internet this week, a last-generation Range Rover can be seen strolling down a suburban street calmly, but when it reentered the shot, it came in extremely hot, leading to an incredibly embarrassing driveway rollover. 

From the looks of things, the driver was attempting a high-speed j-turn in the luxury SUV. The second time the car comes into the shot, it shoots in backward at speed, but once the turn begins to be executed, the weight shifts and the car looses it.

Even more spectacularly, it appears an aftermarket subwoofer flew out of the car when the roof hit the asphalt.

It's unclear if anyone was injured in the crash.

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