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The 2018 Range Rover Gets a Facelift, New Toys and a Plug-In Hybrid Option

A Velar-inspired face, new infotainment screens and more comfort feature in the RR's mid-cycle refresh.

Range Rover, makers of “the best SUV in the world” according to The Drive editor Mike Guy, has outlined details of the latest version of their eponymous flagship. 

For 2018, the Range Rover will receive a mid-cycle refresh consisting of a new headlight-and-grille combo reminiscent of the brand’s freshly introduced Velar mid-sizer, new LED taillights and wider exhaust pipes around the back, a fancy two-screen infotainment setup, and a whole suite of backseat tech additions that aims to make chauffeur-employer-life a lot more comfortable and productive. 

It’s not a lot, but considering Mike’s opinion on the matter, no drastic change is no bad thing. In fact, “don’t change it, just make it better,” is the objective held by Land Rover design chief, Gerry McGovern, for any new Range Rover.

As for what has gotten better, the Range Rover’s backseat passengers now get wider and softer thrones that recline up to 40 degrees, have 25 massage programs on tap, heating and cooling functionality, heated arm, foot, and calf rests, air ionization, an upgraded refrigerator, and thicker windows. All adjustments to the mobile spa can be done via a smartphone app. Speaking of connectivity, the tycoons that choose to be driven now have access to 17 connection ports including domestic power outlets, USB, HDMI, and 12-volt. 4G in-car WiFi ensures that the hustler never stops hustlin’. 

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For owners who choose to drive themselves, fret not as Range Rover hasn’t forgotten about you. Up front, new seat frames, 24-way adjustability, and heated armrests can be found. The new Rover is also fitted with Touch Pro Duo—two high-def 10-inch infotainment touchscreens stacked on top of each other. Some quick trigonometry equates this (assuming an aspect ratio of 16:9) to an approximate 13-inch vertical slab, exceeding the real estate of the Volvo XC90’s nine-inch in-car tablet, but not nearly as gargantuan as the 17-inch vertical TV found in the Tesla Model X. Speaking of screens, a new 12-inch instrument cluster is located behind the steering wheel with more customization than before. 

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The new RR will also be getting a plug-in hybrid option in 2019 dubbed the Range Rover P400e. Mirroring the powertrain offered in the Range Rover Sport PHEV, it’ll be powered by JLR’s 2-liter Ingenium 4-cylinder and an electric motor that puts out 398 combined horsepower. With an electric-only range of up to 31 miles, Range Rover says the P400e will get to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds and top out at 137 mph. 

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