The Range Rover Velar Is Land Rover’s Brand New Model

'Velar' name comes from original Range Rover prototype, will sit between Evoque and Range Rover Sport.

Land Rover just dropped an all-new Range Rover vehicle—the first since 2011, when the Evoque went into production. This new vehicle range, called Velar, will slot above the Evoque but below the Range Rover Sport. According to Land Rover the name dates back to 1969 when development engineers, in an attempt to obscure the original 26 pre-production Range Rovers, lifted the name from the Latin “velare,” meaning “to veil.”

Land Rover Range Rover

That’s really about all that’s known now for sure, except that Land Rover chief design officer Gerry McGovern calls the Velar “the avant-garde Range Rover,” whatever that means. (He also says in the press release that the vehicle “changes everything,” but I have a strong suspicion that might be hyperbole.)

The Velar is rumored to be based off the excellent Jaguar F-Pace, and most expect it to be unveiled at Geneva, since Land Rover promises full details on March 1st. Until then, we do know this: that is one hell of a moonroof.

Land Rover Range Rover