Range Rover Sport in London Graffitied With Complaints About SUV

What’s it about Range Rovers that makes people want to spray paint all over them?

byAaron Brown| UPDATED Mar 30, 2017 10:15 AM
Range Rover Sport in London Graffitied With Complaints About SUV

It's no secret that Land Rovers have a history of reliability issues, but it's rare that someone would go as far as to graffiti one of the luxurious British SUVs over a faulty electronic parking brake or in this case, a diesel particulate filter. One Range Rover Sport in London was subject to paint-covered torment because someone has apparently had some issues with the SUV or with the people who made it. 

Pictures of the Range Rover Sport, uploaded to Instagram by a handful of users Wednesday, show the car parked in the Mayfair area of London covered in red spray-painted words that warn onlookers of the lack of the apparent trouble the owner of the car has had with Land Rover. The interior of the car also has massive pieces of paper that share more complaints toward the vehicle.

"Don't trust Range Rover," is painted on the side of the black SUV. "I got ripped off. They sold me this junk," is written on a paper inside the car. 

Well, that's one way to get attention. 

According to Land Rover, the issue the owner of the Range Rover is complaining actually has nothing to do with any reliability issues on the car. 

"The customer is complaining of a full DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) owing to the urban cycle the vehicle has been used on, which would be the case in any diesel with a DPF," a Land Rover spokesperson said to DailyMail. "There is no fault with the vehicle. Land Rover is trying to work with the customer to bring the situation to a mutually satisfactory conclusion."

This isn't the first time we've seen Range Rovers covered in spray paint. In May 2016, a modified Range Rover was parked in London with the words "Cheater. It's over," painted on the side, according to ABC 7 LA. In February 2017, another Range Rover was also found in London with less-than-pleasant words toward an ex-lover.