Watch a 200,000 Mile Subaru Forester Get Detailed

Therapy for germophobes and paint maintenance enthusiasts everywhere.

There’s something therapeutic about washing a car, or in this case, watching a well-used workhouse of a car get meticulously cleaned and buffed for the first time in a long while. Before putting it up for sale, the guys at Gears & Gasoline took their Subaru Forester camera car to Automotive Aesthetic in Charlottesville, VA for some much needed TLC—the 200,000 mile Subie had apparently never been washed in almost a year of ownership. Automotive Aesthetic owner Daniel Wendell takes us through the process of washing, polishing, and protecting the black Forester and the professionalism and passion on display is pretty cool to see.

In addition to well-known methods such as the using two buckets and grit guards, Daniel gives tips and insights on minimizing visible swirl marks, rejuvenating faded headlights, and properly maintaining a recently-detailed car’s mirror finish. After a two-stage correction, other than a few rough edges and the inevitable dings and dents from 200,000 miles of driving, this Forester’s finish is restored and looks like it could’ve lived on a showroom floor for the past ten years.

As the fellow owner of a second-hand black car in need of a good paint correction, I may have to finally bite the bullet and give my local detailer a call after this video.