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Video Shows Moron Speeding, Crashing His New Subaru WRX STi

The eternal question: why do people post videos of themselves breaking the law?

The Subaru WRX STi is a corner-carver of the highest caliber, but it’s not going to save you from yourself when your right foot is bigger than your brain and that curve tightens a lot quicker at the end than you thought. Nor is it going to stop you from posting the video you took leading up to the crash as you treated a public two-lane scenic route like your own personal rally stage, crossing the double yellow on blind curves, passing other motorists, and generally speeding like an ass. We’ll never understand why people throw themselves to the wolves like this—not that we’re complaining.

YouTuber RuslanXRustamov was apparently very proud of his new 2017 WRX STi in vibrant Pure Red, as the video begins with a couple scenic shots featuring the car and soundtracked by some dramatic orchestral music from The Matrix. Seriously. Then we’re off to the races—a camera mounted on his front passenger seat gives us a front-row seat as he flies down a twisty forested road somewhere in Oregon. See if you can keep up with all the laws he’s breaking as he drives with total disregard to the other motorists on the road.

Note: the original video was taken down (smart move), but the internet moves quickly.

Helpfully, the speedometer is in the shot, and you can see he averages between 60 and 80 mph the whole time, occasionally flirting with triple digits. Fast and terrible: always a winning combination.

Skip ahead to 2:35 if you want that instant karma action. This guy may have fancied himself a rally driver, but that Right 4 Tightens

to 3 really got him good—it’s a pretty intense crash, sending the camera flying out of the cabin. He’s probably OK though, given Subaru’s overall safety bonafides and the fact that he posted this moronic video. Stick around for the slow motion replay, and photos of the trashed STi bearing the vanity plate “EXOTIK.” It’s the whole package here, folks.

YouTube | RuslanXRustamov

Again, satisfying as the conclusion may be, it begs the question why people post videos of themselves breaking the law like this. A determined sheriff’s office could easily make a case for reckless driving based off this, and his insurance can deny his claim. Speaking of which, if you’ve ever wondered why the premiums on these cars are so damn high…