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Spotlight Deal: Save $60 on this BiLT Techno 2.0 Motorcycle Helmet with Built-in Bluetooth

Tired of your riding buddies deciding where to stop for lunch without your input? This helmet has built-in intercom, phone, and streaming ability.

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Some motorcyclists like to be one with the machine and block out the rest of the world. Others need to be connected while “behind the bars,” for work or family reasons, or maybe just enjoy music, podcasts, or turn-by-turn directions while they ride. If you’re in the latter group, have we got a Spotlight Deal for you.

The BiLT Techno 2.0 full-face helmet features a built-in Sena DWO-5 Bluetooth helmet communications system with speakers and microphone, allowing you to take and make calls using voice commands, stream music from your phone right into the helmet, and chat via intercom with a passenger or other riders. Normally priced at nearly $300, right now it’s yours for just $239.99.

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That’s a remarkable deal—and we’re confident it won’t last. In fact, some popular sizes and colors are already sold out. So if you want one of these amazing, high-tech helmets to keep you connected on the road, you’d better hurry.

The Techno 2.0 os available in four colors: gloss black, white, and silver, plus a sweet matte black, too. It comes in sizes ranging XS to 2XL but again, depending on the color you want, we’re starting to see limited availability. So pick yours up today.

A round oval-shaped full-face helmet, the Techno 2.0 is ideal for road trips and group rides, but it’s also great just for commuting. The best part is the Sena system is already installed—so you don’t have to worry about futzing with trying to hook it up yourself. The hard and messy work is done for you; just download the app, pair the helmet to your phone, and hit the road.

The integrated Sena DWO-5 Bluetooth v3.0 system offers the following functions:

  • Universal Intercom protocol that works across all brands, up to 430 yards
  • Smartphone streaming through the Bluetooth stereo headset 
  • Automatic audio boost in noisy environments
  • Up to 8-hours of talk time with a 7-day stand-by time
  • Voice-operated phone communication

All those bells and whistles are great. But without a quality-made, good-looking, comfortable, and DOT-approved helmet to house it, it’s all worthless. A motorcycle helmet has one main job; everything else is gravy. Luckily for you, this helmet is far more than just its pre-installed comm system. 

An injection-molded polycarbonate shell houses comfortable padding and a fully removable and washable lining for a sure fit and DOT-approved safety. It also features a handy, internal drop-down sun shield to ward off the moring or evening glare, as well as a chin ventilation you can open or close with a flick. A quick-release clear locking shield comes standard. 

Hundreds of Revzilla customers—you know, real motorcycle riders who actually bought and used this helmet—give the the Techno 2.0 a solid 4-star rating. Most say it’s comfortable and works well. Note: some users say that it runs small, and advise potential buyers to “size up.” 

One common theme among user reviews is that while not a mind-blowing audio experience, the Sena comms system works just fine, thank you very much. It’s great for mapping and GPS functions, and while the sound quality isn’t phenomenal, it’s perfect for telephone and intercom communications.

Pro Tip: If you want a helmet comms system that offers kick-ass sound quality, we highly recommend the Cardo Packtalk Bold with its JBL speakers. We’ve used it, and we love it. It’s also available at Revzilla, although it costs more than this entire helmet and you’ll have to install it yourself. 

If you’re tired of all your buddies chatting and joking with each other while, choosing routes and deciding where to stop for lunch—without your input!—pick up the Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Helmet today. 

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BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Helmet

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