Best Motorcycle Helmets For Women: Stay Safe and Look Great

If you’re going to ride a motorcycle, you need a helmet.

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BY Andra DelMonico / LAST UPDATED ON April 19, 2021

There was a time when helmets were uncool. They featured a half-helmet design and were only available in black. Most bikers didn't want to wear them. They lacked ventilation and were heavy and unattractive. Due to modern innovations, modern helmets are nothing like the clunky and bulky helmets of the past. Today's riders have a broad range of options when it comes to color, style, fit, and technology. So, there is no excuse for not wearing a helmet every time you ride. Some people even have more than one. That way, they have the right gear for the type of riding they want to do on a particular day. This guide will help you choose the perfect helmet for your head.

Best Overall
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helme

This DOT-approved full-face helmet comes in a range of sizes from small through XXX-large. There are also 12 designs available. The shell is a lightweight polycarbonate and EPS design.

  • Easy-to-use click and release shield system 
  • Plenty of vents
  • Can be loud while riding
  • Top vents rattle
  • Face shield doesn’t stay fully closed 
Best Overall
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helme
Best Value
Biltwell Bonanza Helmet

This vintage-inspired helmet comes in several colors, allowing you to customize your look. It has a removable and washable moisture-wicking liner.

  • 2.43 pounds 
  • Open-cell pads
  • Lacks face protection 
  • Clumsy chin strap
Best Value
Biltwell Bonanza Helmet
Honorable Mention
Shoei RF-1200 Harmonic Helmet

This DOT and SNELL-approved helmet is aerodynamically designed to reduce wind noise, air drag, and weight. It feels sleek and comfortable on your head.

  • 3D Max-Dry System II Liner
  • Pinlock system 
  • E.Q.R.S
  • Limited designs 
  • Limited visibility 
Honorable Mention
Shoei RF-1200 Harmonic Helmet
The Best Motorcycle Helmets For Women

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Benefits of Motorcycle Helmets for Women 

  • Safety. Wearing a helmet will protect your head in the event of an accident. The helmet will absorb the majority of the shock to cushion your skull during impact. It will also provide abrasion resistance. The visor on your helmet will protect you from bugs and debris while riding.
  • Good looks. Choose a helmet that has a unique color scheme and design pattern and express your personality and style. Many riders choose a helmet that matches the rest of their gear for a cohesive look.
  • Visibility. Wearing a helmet lets you attach a communicator device to it. You can then use your communicator to connect to your smartphone or other riders. This gives you a simple to use hands-free method of communication.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets for Women

Full Face

These helmets surround your entire head from the nape of the neck, over the ears, and around the chin. It’s one solid piece that you pull on and off over the top of your head. They have a movable front visor that will lift up to the top of the helmet. They also typically have vents in the front and top for airflow. These are the safest type of helmet on the market. They come in a wide range of colors and artistic designs. 


These helmets look like full-face helmets when they are on your head but they have hinges for the front half of the helmet. This allows the entire front of the helmet to lift up, leaving your face totally exposed. These are the next safest type of helmet. They tend to come in solid colors and lack the stylistic designs that full-face helmets have. 

Half Helmet

A half helmet is sometimes referred to as a skull cap. These helmets only cover the top half of the head. This leaves your face below your forehead exposed. Your ears are also exposed. This provides a minimal amount of protection. They typically come in all-black but will sometimes have pinstriping designs or other minimal detailing. 

Top Brands


Founded in 1954, Bell is one of the most well-known names in helmets. Whether it’s for motorcycles or bicycles, the company is known for creating reliable and safe equipment. You can check out its high-quality helmets for yourself with the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet.


Founded in 1971, HJC is known as a manufacturer that produces quality helmets at an affordable price. The company distributes its helmets worldwide for both consumers and professional racers. The HJC i10 Taze Helmet is a great example of the company’s affordable yet quality helmets. 


Founded in 1959, Shoei is a Japanese company that’s known worldwide for producing high-quality helmets and motorcycle gear. The company focuses on producing high-end gear that’s innovative in features, technology, and safety. The Shoei RF1200 Helmet is an ideal choice if you’re looking for one of the top helmets on the market. 

Motorcycle Helmets for Women Pricing

  • Under $100: These helmets are typically skull cap style and cover a minimal amount of your head. They may or may not be DOT-approved. They lack features, style, and design.
  • $100 to $200: Most decent-quality helmets fall into this price range. You’ll find a variety of types, colors, and designs. They’ll have some features like interchangeable visors, vents, and comfort padding. 
  • $200 and up: The higher you go in this price range, the more advanced the helmets become. These helmets are more aerodynamic, lighter weight, have more venting, and many other features. 

Key Features


There is no standard size chart when it comes to motorcycle helmets. Each manufacturer creates and uses its own size chart. You’ll need to measure your head to determine the circumference in inches. You could wear a medium from one manufacturer and a large from another. 

When buying your helmet, check to see how many shells the manufacturer makes. This is the outer layer of the helmet. Manufacturers will make a small number of outer shells and then create multiple sizes from a single shell size. This can result in a bobblehead feel with some helmets. The more outer shell sizes the manufacturer makes, the less of a chance this will happen. 


You aren’t done when you figure out the size you need. You also need to determine the shape of your head. Motorcycle helmets come in oval, round, and a combination shape. Most people have an oval-shaped head. Take a picture of the top of your head. This will let you determine the shape of your skull. 

Manufacturers are known for specializing in a particular shape. Focus your helmet buying efforts on a manufacturer that creates helmets that match the shape of your head. 


Choose the type of helmet that feels the most comfortable to you. While many riders let their bike style guide their helmet choice, always pick a helmet that will keep you safe and feel comfortable on your head. Old school trends are slowly going away, so don’t feel obligated to buy a half helmet just because you ride a cruiser or a modular helmet because you ride a touring bike. Sport bike riders traditionally wear full-face helmets, but some people find these constricting. 

Other Considerations

  • Price. You can find helmets that range from $50 to $500. Don’t blindly buy the cheapest or most expensive helmet you can find. Aim to buy a helmet that fits great, is certified to be effective and is within your budget. You can score discounts on helmets that are in closeout for the season.
  • Design and Style. Helmet designs range from sleek black to bold neon designs. Different helmet manufacturers tend to have different styles. If you see something with a helmet you like, you can look for that manufacturer to find an appealing helmet of your own. Most people choose a helmet that’s unique from their fellow riders for a personal style statement.  
  • Ventilation. Wear a helmet for any length of time, and you’ll quickly realize that they can get very hot and stifling. Helmets with plenty of venting help prevent this. Most helmets have vents on the top, front, and back. High-quality helmets have channels throughout the interior to direct the air better and pull heat away from your head.

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Manufactured using a blend of top-tier polycarbonate and ABS material, this helmet provides good protection against impact. Featuring contoured cushions on the cheeks and a padded strap for your chin, the Bell Qualifier is comfortable to wear. The lightweight design is easy on your neck and shoulders. You can quickly swap out the clear visor for a tinted shield for journeys on sunny days due to its quick-release system. Incorporating speakers for a modern twist, these helmets perform effectively while maximizing comfort. In terms of its protective and durable structure, the Bell Qualifier is a premium helmet choice. 

One drawback with this helmet is that it lacks vents, so it feels a bit hot when you wear it. If you ride in colder weather, this is actually an advantage. The visor doesn’t lock into place, which can cause it to open on its own.

Best Value
Biltwell Bonanza Helmet

If you have a round-oval head shape, then give this vintage-inspired helmet a go. It comes in several color options, including black, matte black, white, copper, metallic seaweed, mint, and vintage white. This leaner modern version is DOT approved and has an ABS shell. The interior is an EPS safety shell with a hand-stitched removable liner. It’s made of moisture-wicking Lycra panels with an open-cell pad to increase the helmet’s comfort and breathability. Stainless steel D rings and a nylon strap secure the helmet to your head. At just 2.43 pounds, this helmet is incredibly lightweight. 

Unfortunately, the chin strap lacks a secure clasp. You can buy one and add it for faster securing. This helmet also lacks face protection.

Honorable Mention
Shoei RF-1200 Harmonic Helmet

Wear this helmet and feel the difference. The aerodynamic shell reduces wind noise, drag, and weight. It meets both DOT and SNELL M2015 safety standards. A standout feature of this helmet is that there are four shell sizes. This ensures that all of the sizes feel sleek on your head. It comes with a dual-density EPS liner, 3D Max-Dry System II Liner, E.Q.R.S., and an upgraded ventilation system. You’ll appreciate the Pinlock system that makes it easy to change out the visor. This helmet is best for those with an intermediate oval head shape. 

One downside of this helmet is that the available designs may not be appealing. However, they are unique and will make a statement if you do like them.

Honorable Mention
Shark Street Drak Helmet

Meet the future of motorcycle helmets with this helmet that looks more like a jet fighter setup than one for motorcycles. It comes in three colors: matte black, gray, and matte green. The helmet is a 3/4 design constructed of thermoplastic. It comes with off-roading goggles and a face mask. The interior of the helmet has a moisture-wicking liner to keep you cool. The top of the helmet has a wide two-position vent. The goggles have a quick release system for easier wear. Unlike similar setups, this one is aerodynamically designed. 

One drawback with this helmet is that the face mask doesn’t provide any impact protection. However, it does protect your face from bugs, dirt, and road debris. There are only two shell sizes for this helmet, limiting how streamlined the helmet feels.

Honorable Mention
Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet

This helmet comes in black, matte black, white, and matte titanium. Put this intermediate oval helmet on and admire the politically clear and 100 percent UV protective face shield. It’s state-of-the-art with fog-free technology and an anti-scratch coating. You can even change the visor out with the tool-free Ellip-Tec II Ratchet System. The liner is removable and washable, made from KwikWick II anti-microbial fabric. An aero-tuned ventilation system ensures you’ll stay cool in the hottest of weather. A standout feature is the speaker pockets for integrated installation of your communication system.

One drawback of this helmet is that there are only two shell sizes. This can result in some of the sizes feeling clunky. The padding also takes some adjustment to get comfortable.

Honorable Mention
HJC CL-17 Helmet

Keep your head safe with this polycarbonate composite helmet. It’s designed to be aerodynamic by using CAD Technology for the design. It comes outfitted with an anti-scratch Pinlock-ready face shield that blocks 95 percent of UV rays. It has a two-stage shield closure system with a one-touch center locking system. The helmet has an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System that encourages air to flow from the front through to the helmet’s back to keep you cool. The crown and cheek pads are removable and washable. This helmet comes in black, matte black, white, silver, wine, and matte anthracite. 

Unfortunately, the vents in this helmet will leak when you ride in wet weather. It’ll be an unpleasant experience to have your head get soaked. It also lacks a chin curtain, making this helmet loud.

Honorable Mention
Icon Airflite Peacekeeper Rubatone Helmet

Stand out from the crowd in this uniquely styled helmet. Its face shield is extra-long to extend down over your chin. It comes in either white or black with a gold face shield. This helmet’s aggressive style makes it versatile enough to be worn with a wide range of bike types. The shell is injection molded polycarbonate. Inside is a Hydradry liner that will wick moisture away from your head to keep you cool and dry. This helmet has three shell sizes, a quick-change fog-free face shield, removable side plates, chin curtain, and molded breath deflector. 

Unfortunately, the sizing tends to run small and narrow, making it less than ideal for those with a round head shape. The visor can be challenging to change out.

Honorable Mention
Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

Slip this full-face helmet on your head and feel how incredibly lightweight it is. The shape of the helmet is designed for those who have a round head. The outside of the helmet is aerodynamic to reduce stress on your neck as the air smoothly moves around the helmet. The shape also works with the improved ventilation scheme that has three intake and six exhaust vents. The helmet is constructed of EPS to enhance impact absorption. An internal sun shield gives you enhanced protection from the sun by blocking 99 percent of UV rays. The helmet stands out because it’s loaded with features, such as the chin curtain, E.Q.R.S, eyeglass compatibility, and 3D Max-Dry pads.

A potential drawback of this helmet is that its price point tends to be higher than what most people are willing to budget for. It has a lot of wind noise.

Honorable Mention
ScorpionExo Covert

If you’re looking for something with an attitude, you’ll love this helmet from Scorpion. It’s flat black and a skull style with a retractable dark smoked visor. It then has a removable front mask that attaches to the helmet with neodymium magnets. There are also block off plates to convert it into three-quarter mode.  The entire helmet is made of dual-density EPS with a polycarbonate shell. It comes in a wide range of sizes from X-small through 3X-large. 

The downside of this helmet is that it lacks ventilation, which can make wearing it hot. However, the convertibility of it lets you easily take off pieces and increase the airflow. The helmet can also feel heavy, but this is because of the convertible pieces and magnets.

Honorable Mention
LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet

You can embrace your feminine side while still being tough, and this helmet shows you how. It starts with a DOT and ECE approved helmet and a built-in twin shield system. The shell is a polycarbonate alloy. The inside has a removable and washable tactical fabric liner. You can change out the pads to create a custom fit and eliminate any hot spots. The outside of the helmet has a beautiful and bold bright pink design that wraps around the helmet. 

One drawback of this helmet is that the air vents can direct a lot of air into the helmet. While this is great for keeping you cool, it can also create wind pull that will put stress on your neck and create excess noise. The nice thing is that you can close the vents and eliminate this problem.


  • Always try on your new helmet, even if you’ve bought that particular brand before. It should be easy to take on and off and not pinch your head anywhere. Wear the helmet for some time. This will allow hot spots to develop and clue you into a helmet that may not fit perfectly. 
  • Look left and right while wearing the helmet. Some helmets create a wider field of vision than others. The more visibility you have while wearing the helmet, the safer you will be while riding. You need to be able to easily see hazards and other vehicles before they’re right in front of you. 
  • Buying a helmet isn’t a one-time purchase. The materials used to construct your helmet are only effective for a limited amount of time. After that, their effectiveness diminishes. Plan to replace your helmet every 5-8 years. You should also replace it if the helmet suffers any impacts


Q: What is the safest helmet for motorcycles?

A solid full-face helmet that fits correctly and secured under your chin is the safest type you can wear. The solid construction makes it effective at absorbing impact from any angle. The full-face design means your entire head is protected. However, no helmet can protect you from neck injuries. 

Q: Are motorcycle helmets unisex?

Motorcycle helmets are unisex. You can buy and wear any helmet that fits your head and is a type and style that you like. You’ll find some helmets that have a more masculine or feminine artistic design. This doesn’t mean only men or women can wear those helmets. Wear the helmet that appeals to you so that you want to wear it. 

Q: How much does a good helmet cost?

A decent-quality, comfortable to wear, and a safe helmet will cost about $100. Helmets below this price range tend to be questionable when it comes to safety. They are often not compliant with DOT safety standards. Helmets above this price range come with several nice-to-have but not necessary features. 

Q: Which type of helmet is safe?

Helmets that meet the DOT minimum safety standards are considered safe. However, higher-quality and more expensive helmets go through more intensive testing and therefore are safer. Helmets that are considered safe are able to absorb the shock of impact to prevent your head from experiencing as intense of an impact. 

Final Thoughts

The overall best motorcycle helmet for women is the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet because it is both safe and feature-rich. For a more affordable option, the Biltwell Bonanza Helmet comes in a wide variety of colors, is DOT approved, and has a removable liner.