Next-Gen Ford Mustang Will Keep Its Six-Speed Manual Transmission

The Ford Mustang’s manual transmission will live on in the next-generation car coming soon.

byPeter Holderith|
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Ford hasn't told us much about the next Mustang, but we already know a lot anyway. It most definitely has a V8, a hybrid system is probably gonna happen for some trims, and the interior will have plenty of screens. Just the same, we've seen interior shots displaying an automatic transmission, but no manual. That might've gotten some people worried but now, thanks to a small detail in a Ford announcement Thursday, we know the new pony car will be getting a six-speed stick.

Feast your eyes on the image below. It won't take you long to figure out where the hint is.

The small detail confirms not only the fact the car will be a manual but also that it will have six speeds and a reverse gear up and to the left. No, it won't be getting a funky seven-speed like the Bronco, just the standard half-dozen ratios like the current-generation car.

As far as the exact engines that will power the 7th generation Mustang, it's something of a mystery outside of the basics. There will be a V8, that's for sure, but other trims utilizing the automaker's arsenal of turbocharged engines are still hazy. Likewise, how and if the vehicle gets a hybrid system is very up in the air. It seems very likely we won't know more for certain until the car is revealed, likely sometime next year.

Until then, rest easy that for the next several years, we will have a stick-shift 'Stang. After that? Well, this might just be the last one. Let's hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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