The Cheapest 2021 Ram TRX for Sale Has 99,000 Miles, a Lot of Question Marks

The dealer tells me they bought it at auction and it’s still going through inspection.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Easterns Automotive Group


Not many drivers put 100,000 miles on their pickup truck in just two years. If they do, it's typically because they use it for work, towing trailers all across God's green creation. Something tells me that isn't the case with this 2021 Ram TRX for sale, which isn't exactly a practical work truck with its 702-horsepower Hellcat V8. Even then, it's got a skosh less than 99,000 miles on the clock, and not even the dealer seems to know much about its history.

I first saw the high-mileage Ram on TFL Truck, which included a link to the listing as well as the clean CarFax report. I needed to know more, so I called Easterns Automotive Group in Sterling, Virginia. That's when I talked to a sales manager who confirmed that the 98,809-mile TRX is still in the store's inventory.

They just got it in, actually, and it hasn't even gone through the inspection process yet. It'll have to pass all of Easterns' checks before it can be sold, but it's currently listed with an asking price of $69,890. That seems steep, though it's actually the cheapest 2021 model for sale by a dealer, according to a couple of quick searches on CarGurus and AutoTrader. New ones start at $80,685, but good luck getting yours for that price as dealers are known to mark up this type of rig.

It was bought at an auction, according to the sales manager. He told me there will be more photos posted online soon as it normally takes two or three weeks to get a full listing up. At this point, it's only been at the store for about five days. As such, I don't have any more pictures to show you.

The dealer wasn't able to elaborate much on the truck's condition, but it'd be unrealistic to expect a like-new TRX with this many miles on it. If nothing else, whoever buys it will have bragging rights seeing as this is likely the highest mileage example out there. The real winner, though, is whoever got this much use out of the supercharged super truck to start with.

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