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2021 Ram TRX Rolls Over Before It Even Makes It Off the Assembly Line

Someone's going to have to wait a little bit longer for their long-awaited Hellcat-engined pickup.

Someone already laid a 2021 Ram 1500 TRX on its side, and we regret to inform you that it hadn’t even left the pavement yet. Even worse, the much-hyped Hellcat-engined pickup hadn’t even left the factory. 

Instragrammer sinister_lifestyle posted a curious photo of a metallic grey 702-horsepower TRX on its side in the Ram assembly line.

Instagram | @sinister_lifestyle

Several commenters on Instagram who have worked at other auto plants noted that this looked like a mechanical carrier failure. Another commenter,, said that this happened at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant on Tuesday morning, and an unnamed source at the plant told her that Ram plans to scrap the truck. 

The Drive reached out to sinister_lifestyle (who could not offer more details) and a Ram representative to solve the mystery of how on earth this truck could tip over on the assembly line, but neither have responded at the time of this writing. It looks as if no one was seriously injured in the crash, but we will update this post if we receive any more information. 

Either way, someone’s going to be waiting a little bit longer for their shiny new crew-cab pride and joy. The side it’s laying on will no doubt have some damage, plus the rear passenger-side fender flare is flared out more than usual, bending away from the body. 

The only good news is that it wasn’t one of the 702 limited-run Launch Edition trucks, which sold out in just three hours after sales were opened up despite packing a $92,010 MSRP. 

Still, it’s a popular truck with numerous buyers already waiting to get one, and this one looks like it was nearly finished. Production only started less than two weeks ago. If Ram wanted to have a scratch-and-dent sale instead of scrapping it, call us! I’m someone who planned to scratch up the side anyway wouldn’t mind buying this one at a discount. 

If you have any information as to how such a bizarre accident happened, you can tell us more at